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Being in Bangalore for the past 5 years, it has given me great insight on how an expanding metro has grown in such a massive way. As we all know when it comes down to this city, the weather is the king. This is a key factor when it comes to settling down in a metro, but some people enjoy the vibe of their own city. Bangalore is unique when it comes to the people’s laid back attitude and the culture.

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What’s the primary quality of a social media marketer? Is it the thought process? Is it the experience of working with multiple brands across different industries? Is it their ability to handle a team with a mix of graphic designers, content writers and analytics experts? In my opinion, the primary quality of a social media marketer is the ability to measure their social media efforts and take action accordingly. Gone are the days, where people used to post updates on Facebook or post tweets and got along with it? Brands nowadays have started asking serious questions. One such question is what’s my ROI? Many agencies are going out of business and many social media marketers are losing their jobs or unable to progress in their career, is because of their inability to answer this question.

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Commercial utility vehicles form an indispensable part of the automobile industry in India. They are manufactured in various designs and models. These vehicles are used to transport industrial outputs and other such commodities to their destinations.

Commercial vehicles are categorized into several parts like SCV (Small commercial vehicles), LCV (Light commercial vehicles), MCV (Multi combination vehicles) and HCV (Heavy combination vehicles). The SCV market in India was kicked off successfully with Tata launching Tata Ace in 2005. The SCV and LCV category vehicles can be categorized roughly as sub-1000 cc engine with a weight lesser than 3.5 tons.  Majority of the vehicles in this segment are three wheelers.

Some of the most common commercial vehicles in India includes Tata motors’ Tata Ace, Ashok Leyland’s Viking, Lynx, Beaver Haulage and Hippo Tipper, Piaggio Ape Swaraj Mazda’s Super high deck truck and WV-26 buses, Eicher’s starline and trucks, Bajaj’s minidor and Balwan.

One major challenge faced by majority of the commercial vehicle owners is to find the right parts when their vehicles are repaired or underperforming. Unlike consumer service centers, the service and spare part centers for commercial vehicles has always been limited. Especially finding something like heavy truck parts in Bangalore or commercial vehicle accessories in Bangalore has always been a pain point. There’s a huge black market out there which sells commercial vehicle parts in Bangalore to the owners and the service engineers. These parts are not only priced high but also ends up damaging the performance of commercial vehicles.

Under these circumstances, online portals which could help you find the right place to find the right parts act as a savior. You can easily locate stores who sell authentic parts for commercial utility vehicles like heavy trucks. Adding to that you could find anything like heavy truck parts in Bangalore or commercial vehicle accessories in Bangalore.

All you need to do is open the online portal and select your location. In my case it’s Bangalore. You can also select an area name to be very specific with your search. Follow it up with your search query. Let’s look for ‘Heavy duty truck parts in Bangalore’. In a jiffy, the website shows up lot of relevant results with a link to view contact details and the sellers' website. Isn’t that awesome? You can also shortlist names and view it for later reference. This awesome feature helps a user not to miss out any details. You can also filter your search by category. For eg. You could possibly select Trucks-New or Commercial vehicle parts & spares. This feature helps refine the search results.Be it anything. Right from axle, suspension or brake solutions for a trailer, bus, commercial truck & trailer, you could easily find the answers. Go give it a try. 

Finding Parts For Commercial Utility Vehicles in Bangalore