Share Market Basics - Part I

In order to know what stock is and the basic meaning of stock market first we have to dive into the history of stock market specifically , the history of what has come to be known as the corporation. Corporations in one form or another have been around ever since one guy convinced a few others to pool their resources for mutual benefit. In order for a corporation to do business, it needs to get some money from somewhere. A stock is a piece of ownership of a company. When a Company needs some money, which is helpful in growing business, they acquire extra money by selling ownership in small percentages in form of stocks. The word stock trading is commonly used to describe both the physical location for buying and selling (trading) stocks as well as the overall activity of the market. 


Differences between stocks and mutual funds

Mutual funds are diverse stock holdings which are managed on behalf of the investors who buy into the fund. Mutual funds allow investors to take advantage of a diversified portfolio without the need of investing a large sum of money.
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Things to know about stock markets

“Stock market” is a term used to describe the physical location where the buying and selling of stocks take place as well as the overall activity of the market within a particular country. The correct term to be used in pertaining to the physical location for trading stocks is “stock exchange.” Every country may have a couple of different stock exchanges that are usually traded on only one exchange although a lot of large corporations may be listed in several different locations.

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Nanban(Snehithudu) - My review

The movie 'Nanban' (a tamil remake of bollywood blockbuster '3 idiots') is one of the highly expected movies of 2012. The reason for the expectations are Director Shankar doing a remake, Ilayathalapathy Vijay in a different role, Harris teaming up with Vijay for the first time and the list goes on. 
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