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If we are not ashamed to think it, we shouldn't be ashamed to say it, said Marcus Tullius Cicero. We all might think that why one should live a honest life? In my humble opinion, a life of integrity is more of an exception than a rule. How many people do we come across in a day who are honest? Though I believe in the ethical and moral values of telling the truth, I also think there are worthwhile & practical reasons.

There has been many instances in my life, where actually telling the truth benefited me. I also have to admit there have been few instances where telling the truth didn't actually quite work out in my favor. I'm gonna share both the examples and then let's weigh it out towards the end, as to what was right or wrong. 

I had a friend by the name Rahul (Name changed). We both were engineers graduated out of the same college and picked up by the same company at one of the campus recruitment programs. In our company, our role starts with a 6 month rigorous training program followed by deployment in the field. Depending upon the performance in the training period, designations were assigned. Since I performed really well, I was appointed as the Sr. Engineer for the client operations and Rahul was appointed as my Junior. Despite few differences at work, we always maintained a cordial relationship. 

After few months, Rahul's interest curve at work started going down. He started committing serious blunders with the power operations at client locations. Since I was his senior, I was accountable for his mistakes. I warned him several times that he lacks concentration at work and hence the blunders. Rahul didn't take me seriously. One bad day, because of Rahul's lack of concentration, the power unit at our client location shut down. It caused huge mishap as even a minute outage would cause losses worth lakhs for the client. My entire team had to rush to the location within 5 minutes to sort the issue down. 

The client was angry and sent a strong e-mail to our top management, asking for the right explanation. I knew that it's gonna cost the jobs of my entire team because of the mistake committed by Rahul. When asked about it, Rahul asked me to manage the issue by saying it wasn't the mistake by the team but of the equipment. However the equipment are thoroughly checked by the quality team before deployment at the client's location. I was called in by the top management. I just couldn't lie that it was the equipment failure as it will cost the jobs of at least 5 people in the quality team. I had to tell the truth. I told the top management that the failure was because of the mistake committed by Rahul and not that of the equipment. Rahul was fired on spot and I just lost a good friend of mine. He came to me and told he wasn't liking the job from the few days and hence he couldn't concentrate. He blasted me for not saving his job. I didn't want to lie, as the lie would've the cost the job of 5 other people. He didn't listen to me and just moved from that place. 

Rahul was unemployed for almost 6 months. He later went on to start his own venture on selling solar equipment in Tier-II towns of Tamil Nadu and just within 2 years, he became a millionaire. He called me one fine day and apologized to me for not listening to me on the D-day. He also told, if I hadn't told the truth, he would still have been an employee of the same company and never would've pursued the dream of starting his own venture. It was that failure, which made him a super-success today. And that's the day I decided to always speak the truth. 

The truth might have cost the love of my friend for while. However it saved 5 jobs (Families) on that day and also helped Rahul pursue his dream & succeed. 

No matter what, telling the truth is always the right thing to do. Watch this beautiful short film by Kinley, to know why one should always tell the truth despite the circumstances. 

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Teddy Travelogues | An Initiative By Club Mahindra

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A vacation is all about fun and happiness. And when it's with your kids, the experience just can't be described in words. From my experience of going to several vacations as a father, I would like to share few tips which might help fellow parents to make their vacation with kids, a pleasant experience. 

I'm not gonna relax:

We might have seen few movies where kids are extremely well-behaved and listen to their parents by being calm and following instructions. I'm certainly aware of the fact, my vacations are not gonna be like that for at least 20 years, till they become an adult. Gone are the vacations I went just to relax. This vacation I'm planning with my kids will be filled with fun, with me just doing what the kids expect me to do. Dance with them in the rain, play foot ball in the beach, wave my hands at them when they go on a happy fun ride, eat an ice cream in the middle of the night and a lot more. 

Shipping the supplies ahead of time:

This is my favorite tip for all the parents like me and especially if you're one among those who fly to your vacation destinations. None of us want want our suitcase jammed completely with snacks, diapers, wipers and toys right on the day of our journey right? It's always better to check with the hotel we're gonna stay and ship the packages little ahead of time, so that you can make optimum use of space in the luggage on day of the travel. 

Try not to fly if you've naughty kids:

Though I always prefer to fly, it's not advisable for folks who've got naughty kids who tend to get little cranky and shout in air planes when their demands are not fulfilled. Road trips are great in those cases and kids do love road trips. If air trip is something that can't be avoid, be sure to carry lot of snacks, toys, iPad loaded with their favorite movies or whatever it to takes to keep them engaged. 

Stay at a nice and kid friendly place:

As an unmarried bachelor, it's good to stay at beach shacks or a cost effective motel. However if you plan for a vacation with kids, it's better to choose a nice, cozy and a kid friendly hotel. I usually choose hotels with lot of outdoor/indoor games for kids and toddler pool is a mandate. If the climatic condition isn't suitable to roam around, this option would keep the kids engaged and your vacation will not disappoint them, after all a good vacation is about everyone being together having a good time at one place.

Don't worry if the kid doesn't like the place:

It has happened to me quite a few times. We tend to get over board some times, if the kids doesn't like the vacation all of the sudden, after we've put in quite a lot of effort to arrange it. It's completely okay if they don't like it, as few kids might not get adjusted to a new place quickly. Figure out something which your kids love the most. It could be just walking down the road or eating an ice cream or just playing a game of cricket inside the room. I'm sure the kids will appreciate the effort you're taking to keep them engaged. 

Do dress up your kid:

Just like us, kids would love to dress up nicely in a place. I've tried it quite a few times and it has worked out pretty well. A cow boy costume isn't a bad idea for your baby boy on a vacation right? Try different costumes and leave the choice to your kid to freeze the final option. 

Check out Teddy Travelogues, an iniatitive by Club Mahindra for the kids and by the kids -



Be Responsible On The Road | An NSDF Initiative

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Did you know the road accidents in India has caused 1.2 Million deaths and 5.5 Million Serious Injuries in the last decade? This statistic simply amounts up to an average death of at least one every 4 minutes. As vehicle sales rose, emerging countries like India has seen a dip in road deaths but in India, it has shot up by half in the last decade. Half of these deaths are among road users who are vulnerable like motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Isn't this rate alarming? Besides blaming the government, as an individual what have we done to reduce this rate? 

It was after the launch of the new road safety & transport bill in 2014, the traffic offenders became little serious about the road safety in India. Besides cancellation of driving licenses for negligent and rash driving, the bill also proposed a hefty fine of upto Rs. 5 Lakhs on the vehicles with faulty manufacturing designs. 

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My approach to improve the road safety in India would start with children, the future citizens of this country. There's a reason why I would like to start from children. It's not like people aged 15-50 are not educated about road safety in our country. Every one is extremely aware of how to be responsible on the road. However, most of us are just negligible to follow the rules. We aren't going to rule the world, if we stop at a road signal for 2 minutes right? Why is that rush to cross the signal before it turns green? Why is the rush to drive your vehicle over 80 Kmph in city limits, are we going to win a race or something? It's because of this extreme negligence among the grown-ups, which is not gonna change no matter what the consequences would be, I would like to take this approach to children to start with. 
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This education need not be complex. It can be as simple as an art exhibition, where children display their learning on road safety or a spot quiz contest where children engage actively on answering questions about road safety in our country. Road safety can also be taught in phases like Walking, Crossing, Cycling and Riding, just like how they grow up phase by phase. While walking, always use foot path, don't play on road,  wear bright clothes at night etc. This can be taught with experiential learning style (Where they role play) rather than just teaching them through text books and black boards. 

We also must make sure that every kid carry a first-aid kit always and also knows how to use it during emergencies. This exercise can be vital. The education shouldn't just educate the children but also their parents with the help of children. Now matter how negligent someone is, there's always a chance for them to listen to their kids and change. I've known of many friends who quit smoking after their kids told them to, as it's not just harmful to them but the kids as well. Same is the approach to be followed, when the kids are being educated about road safety. 

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The kids can also be given fluorescent colored bags with reflector strips, which glows bright under dull or no light conditions. 

Apart from this, I would like to suggest few innovative techniques which will definitely improve the road safety in India, in my humble opinion. 

Smarter Traffic Technology:

We have seen an amazing rise in Smartphone ownership in our country. It's forcing all the organizations to embrace the mobile culture. Off late we've also seen the rise of intelligent traffic management mobile applications like Traffline, Traffic Tutor etc. Adding to that, we also have to embrace smart traffic management systems like SURTRAC (Scalable Urban Traffic Control), an initiative by Carnegie Mellon University aimed at reducing vehicle emissions by 21% and travel time by 25%. It requires an investment of deploying city and town wide CCTV cameras in all the public places. This system will reduce the unnecessary waiting time at green signals, by smartly managing the traffic. Now the people need not hurry before the road signal turns green, as the light will automatically turn green if there are no automobiles or pedestrians. The CCTV cameras installed will also help prevent thousands of traffic violations in the city, by fining the violators appropriately. The system also detects emissions, thereby reducing the air pollution. This system if implemented in our country, will definitely be worth the investment and will bring down the fatality rate by almost half in no time. 

Better Road Designs: 

I need tell anything about the road conditions in our country. Even in a developed city like Bangalore, two of three roads I travel are faulty to the maximum causing serious traffic, thereby increasing the travel time and accidents especially in the night. Take a look at this smart glow-in-the-dark highway system in Netherlands.  

Source: CNET
A strip of highway is marked with road paint mixed with uniquely developed photoluminescent powder, which gets charged with sunlight during the day and glows bright in the night, when the light is hit on it. The roads must also be designed to utilize the solar energy and convert them into light which can used during night thus saving power costs which worry the governments. 

Changing behaviors of Drivers: 

After all, it's not just the automobile which causes these road accidents but a human being in the name of driver behind it. Barring few unfortunate circumstances where the automobile fail, it's mostly the driver who is responsible for accidents on road. While the CCTV can help monitor this situation to an extent, we also see the rise of display of complaint numbers on the back side of cars in case of rash or negligent driving. The traffic authorities must also possess a toll free number (Just like 911) to address traffic violations/complaints 24X7. Though we have this system in place, it's not operational 95% of the time. I've personally dialed 100, like more than 25 times in my life and not even once, the response was satisfactory. I don't see the point of '100' if it's not efficient in solving problems. 

Technology enabled vehicles - My Dream Solution: 

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This would be a dream come true, if enabled in India. All the vehicles to be equipped with GPS and centrally controlled through a intelligent traffic management network. This system can limit the speed of vehicles under 40 in city limits or maintain a speed of 80-120 in highways (Depending upon the highways which is again controlled through CCTVs). Fined on spot digitally in case of traffic violations. A warning can be given to the drivers if they don't wear a seat belt or if they try to violate the rules and regulations set by the system. This system can be designed to detect wireless signals inside the car, to make sure the driver is not using his mobile phone while driving, thus prevent plenty of accidents from happening because of mobile phones. A 24X7 team must be deployed by the government to make the system function at its best seamlessly. The system can also be enabled to easily track the vehicles in case of emergencies. 

We must also thank players like Nissan, who's coming forward with an initiative like NSDF (Nissan Safety Driving Forum) aimed at encouraging safety driving habits. This initiative initially covered Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and now has expanded several other cities in India approximately reaching 2 Lakh Citizens. The initiative has witnessed an impressive 126% increase in individuals wearing seat belts. 

Know more about the initiative here -



My Airbnb Wish List: The Top 5 Most Interesting Places I Would Like To Visit

Airbnb is the one of the most trusted community market places, where one can discover, list and also book unique accommodations around the world right from their mobile phone or online. At Airbnb, you will find a lot of beautiful places which you might've seen only in movies and won't be able to find on any other accommodation booking websites. I just created my Airbnb wish list of the top 5 most interesting places I would like to visit in 2014. Let's explore

Sleep In A Bus - Uschi The Bus: 

Source: Airbnb
Sleeping in a vintage bus close to a beach has always been on top of my wish list. I totally fell in love with this 1954 Vintage Boho Bus based in Ibiza, San Rafael, Balearic Islands, Spain. The bus does not just sport a great vintage design but also comes with all the amenities enough to take someone through a wild and adventurous trip. The hosts are kind enough to allow us to put the bus in a favorite secret beach of ours with mind blowing ocean side views and a location where you can view the best sunset at Ibiza. It also comes decorated with flowers & champagne to make it special for the lovers who would like a memorable romantic night. You can also ask for a sail boat or power boat to take your special ones through the amazing waters. 

Fairytale Cottages - Jack Sparrow House, Cornwall:

Source: Airbnb
This amazing cabin is located at Helston, England, United Kingdom. The sweeping sea and the beautiful countryside view is sure to make one's holiday relaxing and memorable. Enjoying the spectacular view of sunset over the fields of Tregaminion is comparable only to the heaven and nothing else in this world. The stunning coastal scenery and the unspoilt fishing villages would be very ideal for my favorite list of activities like Sailing, Surfing & Cycling.

North American Tree Houses - Secluded Intown Treehouse:

Source: Airbnb
This beautiful and dream cottage is located at Wilson Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA, United States. This is the most romantic, beautiful, unique, dreamy and relaxing place and hence takes the Rank 2 in my wish list. The tree house comes with 3 separate rooms connected by rope bridges and hence ideal for my dream family trip. The hosts also welcome you with a bottle of wine and a basket of local snacks. This completely justifies the kind of hospitality you'll receive at the secluded intown treehouse. 

Modern European Villas - Architect house with Jacuzzi:

Source: Airbnb
Rank 4 in my Airbnb wishlist goes to the architect house located at Rue de Losquedic, Plougoulm, Brittany, France. This beautiful and stylish architect house built in 2010 is sure to give anyone comfort, peace and tranquility. The hosts are also kind to arrange a lot of recreational activities like Horse riding, boat trips, sailing, swimming, tennis, golf and a lot more very close to where you stay. If I get to stay here, I will also be staying pretty close to a lot eye-pleasing places like the isle of wight, dossen, the bay of morlaix and Roscoff. Adding to that, the architect house comes with a beautiful Jacuzzi. Do I have to tell anything more about this? :)

Oui, Oui Paris - Duplex Saint Germain des Près:

Source: Airbnb
The Duplex Saint Germain des Près-Paris located at Paris, Île-de-France, France occupies Rank No.5 in my Airbnb wishlist. This large & beautiful apartment is situated on the top two floors of a tall building constructed in hausmanian style. The apartment comes with 3 cosy rooms making it ideal for my dream family trip. The apartment is constructed in such a way to ensure the holiday is quite and peaceful with double sun exposition and an amazing view of the beautiful Paris. 

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Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai: Rise Above Fear

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The nature of a human being is very complex. At times of danger, men and women have learned to be courageous, strong and competitive. If history has taught us one thing, we can reach our goals by conquering fear as long as our desire, conviction and will are present. 

We've overcome the hardships of natural disasters and war from years. However there's one natural fear that overshadows most of us: THE FEAR OF REJECTION. I did suffer from the fear of rejection during my early 20s. This instinctive emotion hinders & paralyzes us from doing the things we want to do from our heart but can't. For instance, I had this crazy crush for a  cute girl, when I was 20. However I was too concerned with the fear of rejection rather than asking her out. I never asked her out and we had to part ways to better our career. 3 years later, I came to know through a common friend that she also had a thing for me. We connected on Facebook and I asked her about it. She did agree and asked me 'Why didn't I ask her out'. It was too late then, as she's gotten married at that time :)

Almost the same kind of incident happened when I was 21. I got an opportunity to give an interview for an amazing start-up (One of my dream companies). I did well and was waiting for a response. Since I didn't hear from them for almost 30 days, I decided to take up another job offer which wasn't in my list of dream companies. 3 months later, I happened to meet the recruiting manager for the job and asked the reason, why was I rejected despite doing the interview extremely well. She then told, the job required me to actively reach out to the recruiters for the status and hence they didn't go ahead with my recruitment process. Since I feared rejection, I didn't reach out which cost the opportunity of working for my dream company. 

At some point of time, I did realize I've got this fear of rejection and the same is spoiling multiple opportunities coming in my way. The person who helped me through this process and overcome my fear is none other than my Dad. He hit the nail on my head when he told me the number of times I made a complete fool of myself were more than the number of times I didn't try something out of fear. He helped me understand that I fear rejection because I think I'm lowering my self-esteem. Everyone in this life face rejection very often. It starts right from child hood, when you asked for an ice cream when you had fever and you mother denied it. So it's not bad as you think it is. Sometimes it's good because you learn what's right and what's not. 

I'm happy I got this advice at the very early stages of my life. I started being more optimistic, trying things out without worrying about the outcome, keeping myself around optimistic people all the time and learnt to handle things maturely instead of being depressed about it. 

It's a no-brainer that one has to take risks to succeed in their life. As long as you fear, you're never going to be successful. 

I can overcome my fears. Can you? Watch this short film by Mountain Dew to get inspired

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#BuildingNetworks - A Technology Solution For SAFRAN

Challenge: A technology solution to create a nationwide network of the next generation rural e-infopreneur that collects and transmits vital rural information to Safran, enables secure identification of recipients of goods/services, using secure transaction technology, aggregation and analytics.