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If we are not ashamed to think it, we shouldn't be ashamed to say it, said Marcus Tullius Cicero. We all might think that why one should live a honest life? In my humble opinion, a life of integrity is more of an exception than a rule. How many people do we come across in a day who are honest? Though I believe in the ethical and moral values of telling the truth, I also think there are worthwhile & practical reasons.

There has been many instances in my life, where actually telling the truth benefited me. I also have to admit there have been few instances where telling the truth didn't actually quite work out in my favor. I'm gonna share both the examples and then let's weigh it out towards the end, as to what was right or wrong. 

I had a friend by the name Rahul (Name changed). We both were engineers graduated out of the same college and picked up by the same company at one of the campus recruitment programs. In our company, our role starts with a 6 month rigorous training program followed by deployment in the field. Depending upon the performance in the training period, designations were assigned. Since I performed really well, I was appointed as the Sr. Engineer for the client operations and Rahul was appointed as my Junior. Despite few differences at work, we always maintained a cordial relationship. 

After few months, Rahul's interest curve at work started going down. He started committing serious blunders with the power operations at client locations. Since I was his senior, I was accountable for his mistakes. I warned him several times that he lacks concentration at work and hence the blunders. Rahul didn't take me seriously. One bad day, because of Rahul's lack of concentration, the power unit at our client location shut down. It caused huge mishap as even a minute outage would cause losses worth lakhs for the client. My entire team had to rush to the location within 5 minutes to sort the issue down. 

The client was angry and sent a strong e-mail to our top management, asking for the right explanation. I knew that it's gonna cost the jobs of my entire team because of the mistake committed by Rahul. When asked about it, Rahul asked me to manage the issue by saying it wasn't the mistake by the team but of the equipment. However the equipment are thoroughly checked by the quality team before deployment at the client's location. I was called in by the top management. I just couldn't lie that it was the equipment failure as it will cost the jobs of at least 5 people in the quality team. I had to tell the truth. I told the top management that the failure was because of the mistake committed by Rahul and not that of the equipment. Rahul was fired on spot and I just lost a good friend of mine. He came to me and told he wasn't liking the job from the few days and hence he couldn't concentrate. He blasted me for not saving his job. I didn't want to lie, as the lie would've the cost the job of 5 other people. He didn't listen to me and just moved from that place. 

Rahul was unemployed for almost 6 months. He later went on to start his own venture on selling solar equipment in Tier-II towns of Tamil Nadu and just within 2 years, he became a millionaire. He called me one fine day and apologized to me for not listening to me on the D-day. He also told, if I hadn't told the truth, he would still have been an employee of the same company and never would've pursued the dream of starting his own venture. It was that failure, which made him a super-success today. And that's the day I decided to always speak the truth. 

The truth might have cost the love of my friend for while. However it saved 5 jobs (Families) on that day and also helped Rahul pursue his dream & succeed. 

No matter what, telling the truth is always the right thing to do. Watch this beautiful short film by Kinley, to know why one should always tell the truth despite the circumstances. 

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