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Modern Healthcare Technology Trends of 2013

The year 2012 has seen some major break through in healthcare technology trends, fueled by economic necessities and change in lifestyle habits of an average human being in the society. Though there were countless number of innovative measures happened in healthcare IT, certain trends and strategies are all set to gain its popularity and momentum in 2013. Let's have a look at those trends now. 

LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Contacts Tool for Smarter Relationships

The professional networking giant Linkedin launched ‘LinkedIn Contacts’ today, a new tool for users and marketers to maintain smart relationships with their LinkedIn connections and to build relationships with people who they don’t know. This new feature can be accessed from as well as through an iPhone app exclusively designed for LinkedIn Contacts.

An Interview with a Celebrity Hair Stylist

It was a breezy evening in Mumbai. I had to rush for my flight to Bangalore which was supposed to depart at 7PM. I finished my check-in procedures and was waiting for my flight. That's when they announced the flight got delayed by an hour. I just roamed around, fiddled up with my smartphone, grabbed a cup of cold coffee and was thinking of what to do for an hour. 

Robotic Surgery - A Milestone in Modern Day HealthCare

The health care industry is a rapidly changing one and the advancements in digital technology has transformed the way we measure blood sugar and pressure, body temperatures and a lot more. Every day, there has been a new technological discovery from the patient’s bed side to operating theaters helping in touching the lives of patients and the medical staffs as well.

A Friend Who Has Always Stood Up For Women - #SoldierForWomen

When everyone speaks about a celebrity or a historical figure who has stood up for women at some point of time in their life, I would like to speak about a very close friend of mine. He has always stood up for women, though he was criticized severely for all of his activities focused towards empowering women in the society.

I always wondered that why is he so inclined towards the safety of women or the empowerment of women in the society? He just had a short smile in his face and started sharing his story with me.