Exploring GOA With My Best Friends

The recent trip to Goa with my best friends is by far the best drive of my life. Yes!!! The all time favorite destination for many - Goa - A paradise which is filled with palm trees swaying across the coastline of endless beaches with a gentle humid breeze.

I rate it the best because we've used almost all types of vehicles in this trip. We took a flight from Bangalore to Goa, rented a car to reach the Goa city, hired Bajaj Enticer bikes to roam around, took a boat ride, reached airport by an authentic Goan Bus (I don't think you would see that kind of bus anywhere else That's why I said Authentic) and again a flight back to Bangalore. Yes you got me - Air, Land & Water.

Our first day in Goa - Honestly we didn't have an idea of what to do. One of the french travelers advised us to hire some bikes and go wherever, the road is leading us to. In fact, that was a great idea which worked like a charm. Without knowing the destination, the ride we took launched us into different beautiful places and all of us were enthralled with the beauty of Goan Beaches across the coastline and the friendly nature of people in Goa.

Of course we did some crazy stunts too. Please don't miss to watch the photos attached towards the end of this blog. 

It all started here. We were four in number. We hired two Bajaj Enticer bikes (Red and Black colored) near the Calangute Beach which costed us around Rs. 300 for a bike (Pretty cheap. Isn't it? )


Reinventing The Wheel - The Thirst Quencher

If you are reading this blog in an afternoon, you might have already consumed around 4-5 glasses of drinking water. That's a lot of water, isn't it? If 'No' is your answer, you must continue to read on.

The U.N predicted, 2/3 of the world's population will suffer water shortages by 2025. Most of us don't even think twice before we waste a cup of drinking water. Did we ever care about what's happening in rural India and other rural regions of the world? To start with, here's a fact -  Much of the water available in our country flows into the Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean because of the lack of distribution and proper storage facilities. One out of seven people in the world lives more than a mile away, from the source of the water they drink.


4 Best Things In My Life - I Saw, I Learnt, I do

At some point of time, everyone in their life learns something. Sometimes, it takes repeated incidents of a given law of life to really get into our skull and other times, one powerful and thoughtful experience drives the point home once forever. Experience gives us a lot, what more than 100 books cannot give.

Source: Sxc.hu (Royalty Free)

How to show my gratitude to the people I'm forever indebted to? I don't know. May be, I can convey the message taught by them to others through a blog. Though the amount of learning is almost countless, whenever someone ask you the things you learnt in your life, there are few things which comes as a snap right across your mind. Today I'm gonna tell you of those things I saw, I learnt and I'm doing right now. I totally apologize for the length of the blog :-P, but it's worth it.


Tweets I liked - #SocialMedia - Post 1

Hello there Fellas.

From now, our blog is going to have a new section 'Tweets I liked' with a specific hashtag. Watch out for this head, under different post numbers, for various kinds of tweet analysis under categories like Social Media, Technology, Blogging, Search Engines, Email, Marketing, Retail, Quotes etc. 

Do give your inputs on how to improve this section. Looking forward to hear your comments. Have a great week ahead :-)

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Now that's what I call as Innovation!!!

Innovation seems to be a grossly overrated term. Innovation, in my humble opinion, really means figuring out a way to commercialize something which is new. It need not be new all the time, it could be the combination of existing services, products and technologies which could give rise to an innovation. Say for example, people visiting Facebook and people visiting twitter have got different intentions. 

Source: Sxc.hu (Royalty Free)