4 Best Things In My Life - I Saw, I Learnt, I do

At some point of time, everyone in their life learns something. Sometimes, it takes repeated incidents of a given law of life to really get into our skull and other times, one powerful and thoughtful experience drives the point home once forever. Experience gives us a lot, what more than 100 books cannot give.

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How to show my gratitude to the people I'm forever indebted to? I don't know. May be, I can convey the message taught by them to others through a blog. Though the amount of learning is almost countless, whenever someone ask you the things you learnt in your life, there are few things which comes as a snap right across your mind. Today I'm gonna tell you of those things I saw, I learnt and I'm doing right now. I totally apologize for the length of the blog :-P, but it's worth it.

Let me start with what I learnt from the man I love the most, my leader, my role-model - My DAD.

Things I learnt from my Dad:

Being Generous - As far as my knowledge, my dad never bought anything fancy for him but when someone comes to him asking for a help (Especially when it comes to their kid's education), he never denied. I used to ask him about it when I was a child, he used to smile and tell me 'You will know when you grow up'. He just loved the smile on people's face. 

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What he meant was totally true. When I go somewhere now, people welcome me with big smile on their face. The kids, my dad helped for education, treat me like their own brother. It's all because of the seeds my dad sowed when I was a kid. I still remember my dad's words 'If you help educate someone, it's not just the kid who gets benefited but the whole family'. This quality of my dad, has given me the push to help the kids as much as possible, when it comes to education. In my weekends, I enjoy spending most of my time helping students in the neighborhood. I'm also planning to start a free training academy soon, which will help students who cannot afford quality education. The other things I learnt from my dad are
  • Never depend on others
  • Invest in yourself
  • Never cheat anyone, not even a rupee
  • Respect everyone, even the one who is younger than you
  • Never put down anyone's faith on you
  • Give your life for the loved ones
  • Respect & Help the country how much ever you can. You are lucky to have born as an Indian. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be born in a country which is filled with love
  • Learn, Strive & Achieve. There's nothing in this world you can't achieve
  • Help the poor. Too much of money will kill you.
  • If you decide to love someone, love them unconditionally
  • Treat your mother well (To be very honest, my dad never asked anything for himself)
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My dad didn't tell me any of those. A leader doesn't say how it's done, he shows. All he did was to show the path like a leader and I just followed. That's the foremost quality of a leader. However not all the lessons I learnt from him was in a positive way. There are few things, which he does, sometimes put my mom and me in a toll. I learnt something from those experiences as well. I should never do that to my mom or the woman I love or to my kids. 

Things I learnt from my Mom: 

My mom is my strength. If I can handle any kind of situation or any amount of pressure in my life, it's all because of my mom. She's the one who taught me on how to be strong when I face challenges in my life. Even when I took some of the worst decisions in my life, she stood by me and she just says 'I believe in you. My son will never do anything wrong'. At a certain point of time in my life, when I felt I've lost everything, she is the one who came to me and said 'We've never lost anything till the time we are alive'. 

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She is the one, who is completely responsible for where I'm standing right now with full of confidence and a kind of person, who can face any kind of challenge in his life. Put your complete trust on the people you love or just get away from it. A Fake relationship will never work is what I've learnt from my mom. Not even a second of my 24 years, I doubted my mother's love and devotion. Though I've a got a list of around 100 pages to mention on what I've learnt from her, I would like to keep it to few important points
  • Love and respect everyone
  • Never waste food
  • Always speak truth, no matter what situation you are in
  • How to love
  • Patience and being down-to-earth

Things I learnt from situations:

I often commit mistakes but I make sure that I don't repeat it again. There were few instances, I felt terribly bad but it turned out to be 'never-forget' incident in my life. 

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When I was 8 years old, an adult of around 30 years (Mr. Raj) moved into my neighborhood. He had this long beard, hair and big eyes. He never used to talk with anyone as he just goes in and out with a sad face. Every mom on the street used to threaten their kids (when they don't eat) by showing this guy. My brother and I used to tease him for being dumb and doing nothing. He never really bothered anyone and went on to do his routine stuff. 

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One day, another guy (friend of Raj) came to his house and noticed all the stuff happening around him. He called everyone around the neighborhood and told the real story about this guy. All of us were shattered after hearing this story. Mr. Raj used to serve in Indian Army as a soldier. In a fight, he lost his speaking and hearing sense and because of that, the entire family (including his wife and kids) rejected him from their life. The government didn't help him either. Can you imagine his situation? The people and the country he worked for, didn't do anything about it. No one should face this kind of situation in their life. You never know what kind of problems, the other person is going through? Just because people doesn't share anything, it doesn't mean that you can make fun out of them. That's when I realized and learnt, not to form assumptions on my own until I know the whole story and not to make fun of anyone in my life.

Things I learnt from surroundings: 

There was an elderly person (Mr. Velayutham) of around 75 years of age, in our colony. He used to wake around 6AM every morning. As soon as he freshens up, he takes a pot and water all the plans across the street. I wonder why he does that, when nobody else in the street care about those tiny little plants and trees? When I asked him once, he just smiled and said 'I've lived safely in this country so far. I don't want my next generation to suffer. This is the best thing I can do'. 

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For a second, I didn't understand anything what he said. Then I went back home, thought about it and that's when I realized the complete meaning behind it. The current generation doesn't realize the importance of trees and all they care about is money. What's the use of money when you don't have a healthy life? What if there is no oxygen, water and rain? Can the money save you? It's all about the tiny little things you do for the environment that keeps you safe. When he meant next generation, he just didn't mean his family, he meant everyone who is going to get benefited out of those trees, when they become taller and bigger. 

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That's the time I realized, what I have done for the environment that helps me survive? I started giving my hands to Mr. Velayutham, to help water plants across the street. In fact, we took it as an initiative. We go out to all the other places in our town and plant some trees, whenever we find some time. It gives me a lot of pressure being a 'Green Man' (That's how we call each other) :-) We both always believe, everyone will realize it sometime and we can definitely hope for a 'GREEN INDIA'.

There  are many other people who's inspired me and so many instances, which has taught me to become the way I'm now.  A complete book can be written on it. In fact, why not write a book? Not a bad idea, Isn't it?



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