I Wish She Had Smart Suraksha App

We all know about the story of India's daughter 'Nirbhaya'

For those who don't know about her, she was a girl who was raped mercilessly in a moving automobile around the city for more than 4 hours, hit by a steel road and left on the road half naked. There were many people who passed by, but no one helped her. After a long time, she was recovered by the police and was sent to hospital. She was severely injured and was on coma. After some days, she died. Recently, Saketh court sentenced the rapists to death. However it would never bring the life of that girl back. 

I now wish, she had Smart Suraksha app. She could've alerted 5 of her contacts and the police with a single click of a button.

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The Future Of Shopping

When I was asked to write about the future of shopping, all I could think was the world would be completely robotized. I hardly could think of anything else. 

Source: FutureTimeline
Whenever I stereotype something, I always seek the help of my friends. Trust me!! Brainstorming works like a dream all the time. It has helped me personally as well as professionally many a times.


A Week In Paradise

Theme: If you'll take your family or friends to anywhere on the earth, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever?

To start with, I would take my family (Dad & Mom is all I've in my family) to the one of the most sought after destinations of the world - EUROPE. Why my family? Why not my friends? Almost every trip in my life was with my friends. Dad and mom, throughout their life have never been to a proper tourist destination. They've always been working hard and sacrificing their wishes for the betterment of my sister and me. I could have taken them to some of the tourist destinations nearby, but I always wanted to give them the best experience ever. Hence I've saved this dream tourist destination for them.


Thalaivaa & Chennai Express - The Trending Story

8-Aug-2013 Around 10PM (Thalaivaa India Trending No.1):

9-Aug-2013 Around 3AM (Thalaivaa India Trending No.1):

That awesome moment, when Thalaivaa trends way above the so-called Bollywood biggie 'Chennai Express' in Twitter India Trends. This is supposed to be a proud moment for any South-Indian Cinema fan but look what our government has done. It has stopped the movie releasing tomorrow in Tamil Nadu after some stupid bomb threats. I wonder, why do we have the police department then? Are they only for giving protection to the politicians who has done nothing for the country? 

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New TVC By Redbus - Review

The Ad starts with a robber climbing down the pipes of an apartment after his robbery act. After he gets down, he sees an angry police officer standing right opposite to him but across the road. The thief turns scary when the police officer starts approaching him. Suddenly, the thief turns happy hearing the 'HONK' sound of a bus which has got the name 'Redbus.in'. The thief gets in the bus and escape out of there. Soon after the police officer and a dog, got into another two buses with the name 'Redbus.in'. That's when you see the caption 'When you gotta go, you gotta go'. The dog and the police officer then reach the destination and get hold of the thief, who was just having a relaxed walk thinking that he just escaped from the police officer.
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25 Best Inbound Marketing Quotes

If you are an inbound marketer or an enthusiast, you will love this presentation from HubSpot



Exploring GOA With My Best Friends

The recent trip to Goa with my best friends is by far the best drive of my life. Yes!!! The all time favorite destination for many - Goa - A paradise which is filled with palm trees swaying across the coastline of endless beaches with a gentle humid breeze.

I rate it the best because we've used almost all types of vehicles in this trip. We took a flight from Bangalore to Goa, rented a car to reach the Goa city, hired Bajaj Enticer bikes to roam around, took a boat ride, reached airport by an authentic Goan Bus (I don't think you would see that kind of bus anywhere else That's why I said Authentic) and again a flight back to Bangalore. Yes you got me - Air, Land & Water.

Our first day in Goa - Honestly we didn't have an idea of what to do. One of the french travelers advised us to hire some bikes and go wherever, the road is leading us to. In fact, that was a great idea which worked like a charm. Without knowing the destination, the ride we took launched us into different beautiful places and all of us were enthralled with the beauty of Goan Beaches across the coastline and the friendly nature of people in Goa.

Of course we did some crazy stunts too. Please don't miss to watch the photos attached towards the end of this blog. 

It all started here. We were four in number. We hired two Bajaj Enticer bikes (Red and Black colored) near the Calangute Beach which costed us around Rs. 300 for a bike (Pretty cheap. Isn't it? )


Reinventing The Wheel - The Thirst Quencher

If you are reading this blog in an afternoon, you might have already consumed around 4-5 glasses of drinking water. That's a lot of water, isn't it? If 'No' is your answer, you must continue to read on.

The U.N predicted, 2/3 of the world's population will suffer water shortages by 2025. Most of us don't even think twice before we waste a cup of drinking water. Did we ever care about what's happening in rural India and other rural regions of the world? To start with, here's a fact -  Much of the water available in our country flows into the Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean because of the lack of distribution and proper storage facilities. One out of seven people in the world lives more than a mile away, from the source of the water they drink.


4 Best Things In My Life - I Saw, I Learnt, I do

At some point of time, everyone in their life learns something. Sometimes, it takes repeated incidents of a given law of life to really get into our skull and other times, one powerful and thoughtful experience drives the point home once forever. Experience gives us a lot, what more than 100 books cannot give.

Source: Sxc.hu (Royalty Free)

How to show my gratitude to the people I'm forever indebted to? I don't know. May be, I can convey the message taught by them to others through a blog. Though the amount of learning is almost countless, whenever someone ask you the things you learnt in your life, there are few things which comes as a snap right across your mind. Today I'm gonna tell you of those things I saw, I learnt and I'm doing right now. I totally apologize for the length of the blog :-P, but it's worth it.


Tweets I liked - #SocialMedia - Post 1

Hello there Fellas.

From now, our blog is going to have a new section 'Tweets I liked' with a specific hashtag. Watch out for this head, under different post numbers, for various kinds of tweet analysis under categories like Social Media, Technology, Blogging, Search Engines, Email, Marketing, Retail, Quotes etc. 

Do give your inputs on how to improve this section. Looking forward to hear your comments. Have a great week ahead :-)

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Now that's what I call as Innovation!!!

Innovation seems to be a grossly overrated term. Innovation, in my humble opinion, really means figuring out a way to commercialize something which is new. It need not be new all the time, it could be the combination of existing services, products and technologies which could give rise to an innovation. Say for example, people visiting Facebook and people visiting twitter have got different intentions. 

Source: Sxc.hu (Royalty Free)



ATTITUDE is all that matters!!!!!!!

What makes a person live beyond his fears? 
What makes a person feel determined? 
What is it that encourages him to perform with a new zeal even after a terrible failure? 
What makes him value tolerance and value?

I have a single word as an answer for all the above questions - ATTITUDE!!!

What do they say about Attitude?

Michael Jordan says - "My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength".

Albert Einstein says - "Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character".

Zig Ziglar says - "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude".

It's your attitude which will determine your altitude


WeChat - Social Messaging Mobile App - Review & How-To

Once in a while, you will come across an app which would just make you say 'WOW' . Now, we're gonna have a look at such an app- The mother of all social messaging applications - WeChat.

Source: TcMaine

Almost every social messaging application in the app market is stereotyped to be a text based application. Developed by TenCent in China, WeChat offers voice, video and text messaging in addition to photo/video/contacts sharing features across different mobile platforms (iOs, Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry and many more to come).


A Road To Cliffs, Green Terrain, Blue Skies & Water

Road trips have always been and still a classic Indian pastime and I certainly do not see these amazing driving adventures go out of style anytime soon. I guess that's because there's no other way to experience the rugged cliffs, breath taking mountain views and waterfront villages that dot India's varied landscape than from behind the wheel of an automobile.

When I go for a road trip, I would always prefer my all-time-favorite Toyota Prius. For this road trip, I'm gonna take the newly launched Toyota Prius V for it's outstanding features on road. Here's some snaps of my road trip beast.

Mid Right View - Toyota Prius V



#CloudBlogathon - I Wish My College Had...

First of all, I would like to thank the Microsoft Team ( Mr. Ram Kumar and Mr. Tarun Malik) and the Indiblogger Team for putting up a wonderful event in the name of #CloudBlogathon at The Tower Kitchen (UB City, Bangalore) on 2nd June, 2013. 

I've attended several Indiblogger Meets in the past, but I would rate #CloudBlogathon as the best. There are several reasons for me to say this. Few of them being


Taco Bell - Social Media Crisis - Case Study

An employee of Taco Bell licking ‘Taco Shells’ is doing rounds across the web predominantly on Taco Bell’s Official Facebook Page. Here’s the picture

My Inspirations - Let's #WeChatNow

I'm sure you might have been inspired by someone or the other in your life. Will you deny that they didn't make a huge impact in your life? If 'No' is your answer, then I would say you have not been inspired. In this short blog, I'm gonna discuss about people who inspired me and what questions will I ask, if I get an opportunity to chat with them through the mobile app WeChat? Let me start with a small introduction on those personalities(In case if you're not aware of them) and then proceed on with my questions. Though I've a lot to ask, I shall stick to few important questions :-)



Danger - It comes with a WARNING!!

Look. I am not trying to fool you. You are going to get old sometime and that's gonna happen in a fraction of a time frame. You will realize it only when your days are gone. I could hear you saying 'Dude!! Don't speak like my Grandpa, I'm still young'. Yes you can be and will be young unless and until you don't ignore the warning signs that you receive before a danger arrives at you. Most of the dangerous things which happens around you comes with a warning. Be it an earthquake or an accident perhaps.


My Dream Gourmet Party - For The People Who Played An Important Role in My Life

I always had this in mind. How good will it be if I invite all the people who played an important role in my life for a party? Though it would happen soon (Probably for my marriage :-P ), how about writing about it to let people know in advance to get prepared for my party? That's what I am going to do now. 

Venue - Lawn close to the pool in my Dream Home (Will be built by 2018, Seriously). What else could be the best venue when I give a party for the most important people in my life? The Image below is just an illustration and my dream home would be definitely better than this. 

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Modern Healthcare Technology Trends of 2013

The year 2012 has seen some major break through in healthcare technology trends, fueled by economic necessities and change in lifestyle habits of an average human being in the society. Though there were countless number of innovative measures happened in healthcare IT, certain trends and strategies are all set to gain its popularity and momentum in 2013. Let's have a look at those trends now. 

LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Contacts Tool for Smarter Relationships

The professional networking giant Linkedin launched ‘LinkedIn Contacts’ today, a new tool for users and marketers to maintain smart relationships with their LinkedIn connections and to build relationships with people who they don’t know. This new feature can be accessed from www.linkedin.com as well as through an iPhone app exclusively designed for LinkedIn Contacts.

An Interview with a Celebrity Hair Stylist

It was a breezy evening in Mumbai. I had to rush for my flight to Bangalore which was supposed to depart at 7PM. I finished my check-in procedures and was waiting for my flight. That's when they announced the flight got delayed by an hour. I just roamed around, fiddled up with my smartphone, grabbed a cup of cold coffee and was thinking of what to do for an hour. 

Robotic Surgery - A Milestone in Modern Day HealthCare

The health care industry is a rapidly changing one and the advancements in digital technology has transformed the way we measure blood sugar and pressure, body temperatures and a lot more. Every day, there has been a new technological discovery from the patient’s bed side to operating theaters helping in touching the lives of patients and the medical staffs as well.

A Friend Who Has Always Stood Up For Women - #SoldierForWomen

When everyone speaks about a celebrity or a historical figure who has stood up for women at some point of time in their life, I would like to speak about a very close friend of mine. He has always stood up for women, though he was criticized severely for all of his activities focused towards empowering women in the society.

I always wondered that why is he so inclined towards the safety of women or the empowerment of women in the society? He just had a short smile in his face and started sharing his story with me.

Schneider Electric - #AGreenerDay - Social Media Campaign Review

Let's have a look at one of the most innovative, engaging and successful social media campaign in recent times - A GreenerDay Everyday . Though this campaign was primarily focused on generating awareness about the product 'Green UPS' by Schneider Electric ITB India, it also played a vital role in spreading the #GoGreen Message throughout the campaign. 

Objective of the Campaign:
To create awareness of the new product 'Green UPS' and to increase the number of fans and engagement in different Social Platforms of Schneider Electric ITB India

Are you original? - #OriginalCopy Experience

Original iPhone 5 - Rs. 40,000
Duplicate iPhone 5 - Rs. 12,000

Authentic Nike Dunk High Black Sneakers - Rs. 3999
Duplicate Nike Dunk High Black Sneakers - Rs.499

Original Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Rs. 19500
Fake Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Rs. 4500

The list goes on and on and on. Every original product you come process has got a duplicate replica of it in grey market. This situation is not just with the products. It extends to Fake Educational Institutions, Fake Companies, Fake Professionals and the list is endless. I've always wanted to write about this topic. Thanks to the presentation shown by Mr. Bharath (Category Manager - HP India Supplies) & The Indiblogger Team at the event #OriginalCopy held at ITC Fortune JP Celestial Hotel, Bangalore. 

Facebook Introduces a Smarter Search Engine

Everyone has been waiting after the announcement 'We are building something big' by Facebook. Rumors were circled around that the launch could be a Mobile OS by Facebook, A New Time Line and a lot more. Finally, it is a smarter search Engine (as Facebook Claims). named as 'Graph Search' . You could make use of this search engine to find out the friends in your circle according to the query you type in the Search Engine.

How to optimize your B2B blog for more leads?

Even though your company might not have a strong social media presence, you can’t afford to not have a blog, especially when you belong to the B2B Segment. Over a period of time, many B2B marketing experts have recommended blogs as an important marketing tool for a business.
However, having a blog without a strategy won’t do any good for the company. So, let’s have a look at how to optimize a blog to generate business.