Facebook Introduces a Smarter Search Engine

Everyone has been waiting after the announcement 'We are building something big' by Facebook. Rumors were circled around that the launch could be a Mobile OS by Facebook, A New Time Line and a lot more. Finally, it is a smarter search Engine (as Facebook Claims). named as 'Graph Search' . You could make use of this search engine to find out the friends in your circle according to the query you type in the Search Engine.

For Eg. Who is my friend who lives in Bangalore and Likes Actor Rajnikanth?

Facebook would churn out some results of your friends whose interests matches your query. The layout looks something like this

However you've to wait for some time if you've to use this smart Search Engine by Facebook. The search also churns out query based upon the interaction you had with your friends. It also takes into account the photos and the stories, you and your friends have liked so far. Different sources claim that Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) has clearly made a statement that it is a new product and it will focus primarily on people, photos, places and interests. So you don't have a chance to blame them like Apple when they introduced Maps with iOS. Let's wait and watch how this product turns out to be :-)