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Tata Bolt Review: The Hatchback That Will Steal Your Hearts

Source: TataMotors
Tata has recently seen success with the launch of Zest, competing with the likes of Suzuki Desire and Honda Amaze. However considering the number of players in the mid range hatchback segment, with the launch of Tata Bolt, has Tata succeeded again? My answer would be a big 'YES'. Here are my five reasons why. 

Engine & Performance

The Bolt is powered by 1193CC Revotron motor (Petrol) just like that of Tata Zest. The motor has gone through extensive reworks to differentiate itself from previous hatchback models from Tata like Indica V1 and Vista. The powerplant of the engine uses the honeywell turbocharger and makes about 5000 rpm. The five speed transmission is sure to give smooth and positive shifts. For the first time in this segment, the Bolt offers 3 driving modes such as Eco, Sport and City. When switched between the modes, the Bolt not only changes the accelerator pedal's sensitivity but also informs the ECU to deliver better fuel economy or more power. I must say the engineers at Tata have done a great job in making the engine drivable while keeping the turbo-level at minimal levels in low rpm range.

Style (Interior)

Anyone who's familiar with Tata cars will definitely be surprised looking at Tata Bolt. There's a vast improvement in Bolt from Tata's previous offerings in the similar segment. As soon as you jump inside the car, the first thing you'll notice is the elegant and stylish dashboard. The design looks absolutely fresh with a java black theme and chrome silver detailing. The switches and knobs has the feel of Euro Design unlike the other cars in this segment which is more of Japanese or Korean designs. 


The bolt comes with a powerful 8-speaker Harman Kardon entertainment system with video playback and navigation. The devices comes with a 5 inches resistive touch screen with added features like bluetooth, USB, AUX and SD card connectivity. The performance was stunning. Even when I turned up the volume to the maximum, there was no distortion or clipping. It's one of those rare OEM systems, where it gets better as you go louder. The navigation system deserves a big applause. Owners can download the free MapMyIndia Navi Maps & Harman Smartlink apps in their Android smartphones and then connect it to the Harman Kardon system. 

Features (Driving Modes)

The instrument cluster comes with a clean white lighting. The power window switches and the buttons on the central console are illuminated with a super clean back light. The best part is, the brightness of this back light can be adjusted to five different modes too. There's an MID in the middle with a speedometer to the right and a tachometer to the left. Right above the MID, the tata bolt has got options for three different driving modes - City, Sport and Eco. A chime is played to let the user know there's a shift between driving modes. 


Parked next to it's competitors in the similar segment, the bolt stands out with a completely mature design. It's contemporary and nearly identical to Zest when seen from the front. For the low beams, the headlamp possesses halogen projectors and it also has a smoked finish. The bonnet has a power bulge in the center. The silhouette is quite similar to vista. The absence of plastic strips or claddings on the side gives Bolt a professional look. 

Check out few pictures I took with Tata Bolt at Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore

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ASUS EeeBook X205TA - A Perfect Product For a Perfect Life

I recently stumbled upon this on-the-go computing product EeeBook X205TA by ASUS. The product ticks so many right boxes in anyone's dream tech/lifestyle product specifications. Let's take a look at few features of the device, to know why EeeBook X205TA is a perfect product for a perfect life. 

It's really really light

The weight of ASUS EeeBook X205TA is just under 1 KG and it's amazingly sleek and light, making it a perfect on-the-go computing device. The thickness of the device is just 1.75CM making it one of the super thinnest devices available out there on the market. I spend close to 4 hours traveling in a day. I tend to finish a lot of work related stuffs on the go. The only pain point is that my laptop is too heavy making it little complicated to work. This super sleek device is bound to make my complications simpler by being super light. 

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription for a year

The subscription which is otherwise available at close to Rs. 4000 in leading portals like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal is completely free of cost for a year, when you buy this amazing device. For a device which is priced at lesser than Rs. 15000, this is a great deal. Hence the device isn't just light in weight but light in pockets too. 

12 Hours Web Browsing (Or) 13 Hours Music Playing (Or) 11 Hours Video Playing

Any professional in my line of work would tell you the amount of pain you incur, because of the bad battery life of the device. My laptop can hold it for about 2 hours and the smartphone for around 6 hours. The ASUS EeeBook X205TA comes with a battery life providing close to 12 hours of web browsing, which is more than my laptop and smartphone combined. Tell me more, why this wouldn't be a perfect product for any professional.

500 GB ASUS Web Storage and 1 TB Microsoft One Drive Space

The device also comes with a couple of free cloud storage options like 500 GB of ASUS Web storage and 1TB Microsoft One Drive. Now I wouldn't have to invest on a 1TB portable hard disk which would cost me close to Rs. 5500. Having this option enables to access my secured data at any point of time with internet connectivity, without having to carry a device for storage all the time. 

Seamless MultiTasking Experience

Professionals in my line of work open a minimum of 25 tabs at a time, accessing multiple social networks and tools at the same time. With a quad core processor, this device is sure to ensure a smooth multitasking experience. 

Priced at just Rs. 14999

The device is priced at just Rs. 14999. With the free Microsoft office 365 subscription and free cloud storage services, the device is almost literally free of cost. The device doesn't feel light in weight, but super light in pockets too, making it a perfect product for a perfect life. 

You can purchase the product on Flipkart

Image Sources: Flipkart - ASUS EeeBook X205TA Landing Page
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Be Bold This Valentine's Day...

Source: Freepik
Valentine's Day is round the corner. I'm sure many of my friends out there would be figuring out tons of creative ways to propose to their valentine. If I have to propose to my crush on Valentine's day how would I do it? This is one moment I've been waiting for quite some time. I have been inspired and have also thought through several creative & romantic ideas to impress my valentine this time. Take a look. 

Facebook Page:

Yes you got that right. After all, I market brands on Facebook for a living. I will be setting up a Facebook page named 'I love you Sweetheart'. First I'll be inviting all my friends the previous day (Except her) to like the page. The cover photo of the page will be kept blank and lot of clues will be shared in advance keeping my friends in loop to figure out her name. Then on Valentine's Day around 12 AM, I will put up our pictures together in album and in the cover photo. I will invite her to like the page. Then guess what's gonna happen? 

YouTube Proposal:

I'm gonna record a video of what I think how our relationship has been and I don't think it's just friendship and how I can't live without her. The video will be kept private on YouTube. I'll share the link with her a day in advance and ask her to watch the video by 12 AM and by the same time I'll make the video public and post it on my social channels. 

Newspaper Ad: 

This is one another marketer's trick up my sleeve. On Valentine's day, I will take her out on a picnic. She's a regular news reader especially the Bangalore section in TOI. Only on that particular day, she will be seeing a beautiful ad in the corner with both of our picture together and with a message 'I can't imagine a world without you. You're the most beautiful girl I've seen in my life. I love you'

The Treasure Hunt:

She is a big fan of treasure hunt. And what better idea to bury my proposal somewhere safe and make her find, saying I've a special gift for her that day. 

In the Air: 

How about proposing on the air? It's one of the most romantic idea I thought of executing it on Valentine's day. I will take her on a helicopter ride on top of Bangalore and when we are just in the middle of the journey, I'm gonna get on my knees (Hopefully the pilot should allow me) and tell her that I love her. 

These were few of the ideas I thought of, for this valentine's day. Please share your comments your romantic/creative ideas on how you are planning to propose your crush. 

Meanwhile, check out this initiative by Close up - Submit your bold moves and stand a chance to win an iPhone 6. 

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