ASUS EeeBook X205TA - A Perfect Product For a Perfect Life

I recently stumbled upon this on-the-go computing product EeeBook X205TA by ASUS. The product ticks so many right boxes in anyone's dream tech/lifestyle product specifications. Let's take a look at few features of the device, to know why EeeBook X205TA is a perfect product for a perfect life. 

It's really really light

The weight of ASUS EeeBook X205TA is just under 1 KG and it's amazingly sleek and light, making it a perfect on-the-go computing device. The thickness of the device is just 1.75CM making it one of the super thinnest devices available out there on the market. I spend close to 4 hours traveling in a day. I tend to finish a lot of work related stuffs on the go. The only pain point is that my laptop is too heavy making it little complicated to work. This super sleek device is bound to make my complications simpler by being super light. 

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription for a year

The subscription which is otherwise available at close to Rs. 4000 in leading portals like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal is completely free of cost for a year, when you buy this amazing device. For a device which is priced at lesser than Rs. 15000, this is a great deal. Hence the device isn't just light in weight but light in pockets too. 

12 Hours Web Browsing (Or) 13 Hours Music Playing (Or) 11 Hours Video Playing

Any professional in my line of work would tell you the amount of pain you incur, because of the bad battery life of the device. My laptop can hold it for about 2 hours and the smartphone for around 6 hours. The ASUS EeeBook X205TA comes with a battery life providing close to 12 hours of web browsing, which is more than my laptop and smartphone combined. Tell me more, why this wouldn't be a perfect product for any professional.

500 GB ASUS Web Storage and 1 TB Microsoft One Drive Space

The device also comes with a couple of free cloud storage options like 500 GB of ASUS Web storage and 1TB Microsoft One Drive. Now I wouldn't have to invest on a 1TB portable hard disk which would cost me close to Rs. 5500. Having this option enables to access my secured data at any point of time with internet connectivity, without having to carry a device for storage all the time. 

Seamless MultiTasking Experience

Professionals in my line of work open a minimum of 25 tabs at a time, accessing multiple social networks and tools at the same time. With a quad core processor, this device is sure to ensure a smooth multitasking experience. 

Priced at just Rs. 14999

The device is priced at just Rs. 14999. With the free Microsoft office 365 subscription and free cloud storage services, the device is almost literally free of cost. The device doesn't feel light in weight, but super light in pockets too, making it a perfect product for a perfect life. 

You can purchase the product on Flipkart

Image Sources: Flipkart - ASUS EeeBook X205TA Landing Page
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