Step by Step Guide: Blogging Using Just The Dell Venue 7

Bloggers everywhere like me exulted when they no longer had to be chained to their desktops and laptops as now we’re able to blog directly from Android mobile devices, like tablets & phones, to capture our day-to-day life and update things as they happen. And I have to agree devices like Dell Venue 7 which is refreshingly bloatware-free have totally made my life easier. With the request of few of my friends in blogosphere and colleagues, I would like to write how blogging has become easier for me unlike before.


11 Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates

Why is understanding Google search algorithm so important? Marketers and web page administrators would know coming on top of organic search results for a particular keyword isn't a piece of cake. Being listed prominently on top of Google search results can bring in a huge boost in visibility & website traffic, which in turn would result in increase in sales and brand awareness. 
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