A Week In Paradise

Theme: If you'll take your family or friends to anywhere on the earth, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever?

To start with, I would take my family (Dad & Mom is all I've in my family) to the one of the most sought after destinations of the world - EUROPE. Why my family? Why not my friends? Almost every trip in my life was with my friends. Dad and mom, throughout their life have never been to a proper tourist destination. They've always been working hard and sacrificing their wishes for the betterment of my sister and me. I could have taken them to some of the tourist destinations nearby, but I always wanted to give them the best experience ever. Hence I've saved this dream tourist destination for them.


Thalaivaa & Chennai Express - The Trending Story

8-Aug-2013 Around 10PM (Thalaivaa India Trending No.1):

9-Aug-2013 Around 3AM (Thalaivaa India Trending No.1):

That awesome moment, when Thalaivaa trends way above the so-called Bollywood biggie 'Chennai Express' in Twitter India Trends. This is supposed to be a proud moment for any South-Indian Cinema fan but look what our government has done. It has stopped the movie releasing tomorrow in Tamil Nadu after some stupid bomb threats. I wonder, why do we have the police department then? Are they only for giving protection to the politicians who has done nothing for the country? 

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New TVC By Redbus - Review

The Ad starts with a robber climbing down the pipes of an apartment after his robbery act. After he gets down, he sees an angry police officer standing right opposite to him but across the road. The thief turns scary when the police officer starts approaching him. Suddenly, the thief turns happy hearing the 'HONK' sound of a bus which has got the name 'Redbus.in'. The thief gets in the bus and escape out of there. Soon after the police officer and a dog, got into another two buses with the name 'Redbus.in'. That's when you see the caption 'When you gotta go, you gotta go'. The dog and the police officer then reach the destination and get hold of the thief, who was just having a relaxed walk thinking that he just escaped from the police officer.
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25 Best Inbound Marketing Quotes

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