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Online classifieds is an internet market place for sellers and buyers to exchange information based on a particular need. In India, it's a relatively newer concept but picking up at a rapid speed. Classifieds has long time remained the purview of newspapers, radio and television. Thanks to players like Quikr for revolutionizing the online classifieds space in India by eliminating the need to spend money on new paper ads to full fill a requirement. Having said that, majority of Indian consumers are hesitant sharing their information online fearing privacy concerns. With the launch of Quikr Nxt, Quikr has completely transformed the online classifieds space in India yet again. To give you a brief, Quikr Nxt is a new feature by Quikr which enables buyers and sellers to interact over chat screens against phone calls. Here are three reasons, why I prefer chat over phone calls. 

No More Annoying Phone Calls

I've used online classifieds several times for the purposes ranging from buying/selling mobile phones, electronic goods, watches, renting homes etc. When the offer is real good, you tend to get a lot of incoming phone calls from sellers. Sometimes it leads up to a point, where few sellers call you repeatedly (Including calls at late nights) despite you turning down their requests. At these situations, you really feel bad for listing your offer in a classified site. Now a chat option in Quikr Nxt, ensures that my mobile number is private and anything I need to convey to a buyer/seller can be done through a chat screen without having to disclose my mobile number. 

Saves Lot Of Money

As a bachelor, we frequently change where we stay, because of changes in work places. I've always used Quikr to find a place to rent. The major pain point has been, several of the house owners/brokers do not give proper details of the property like the rent amount, advance amount or even photos of the property. In these instances, you've to call these folks, explain what you want and ask them to communicate the things you wanted over an e-mail. Most of the cases, the calls lead up to a duration of more than 10 minutes and you'll have to speak with at least 15-20 folks before you freeze on a property that fits your needs and not to forget the tens of follow up phone calls to visit the property at the convenience of the owner/broker. From my previous experiences, I'm pretty sure you'll lose close to half a grand making these phone calls. The chat option in Quikr Nxt eliminates all these hassles by saving you a lot of money which is otherwise burnt on making phone calls. 

Keeping Track Of Calls

Keeping track of who you called is really a tedious activity especially when you are in need of renting a property. You'll have to call a minimum of 20 folks to understand if the property fits your requirement or not. Sometimes it may even lead up to calling up 50-60 folks to get exactly what you wanted. You generally don't tend to save these numbers and hence it's very likely these numbers will get mixed up with your regular incoming/outgoing calls. Quikr Nxt removes this pain point instantly, by maintaining the chat records. 

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