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My Inspirations - Let's #WeChatNow

I'm sure you might have been inspired by someone or the other in your life. Will you deny that they didn't make a huge impact in your life? If 'No' is your answer, then I would say you have not been inspired. In this short blog, I'm gonna discuss about people who inspired me and what questions will I ask, if I get an opportunity to chat with them through the mobile app WeChat? Let me start with a small introduction on those personalities(In case if you're not aware of them) and then proceed on with my questions. Though I've a lot to ask, I shall stick to few important questions :-)



Danger - It comes with a WARNING!!

Look. I am not trying to fool you. You are going to get old sometime and that's gonna happen in a fraction of a time frame. You will realize it only when your days are gone. I could hear you saying 'Dude!! Don't speak like my Grandpa, I'm still young'. Yes you can be and will be young unless and until you don't ignore the warning signs that you receive before a danger arrives at you. Most of the dangerous things which happens around you comes with a warning. Be it an earthquake or an accident perhaps.


My Dream Gourmet Party - For The People Who Played An Important Role in My Life

I always had this in mind. How good will it be if I invite all the people who played an important role in my life for a party? Though it would happen soon (Probably for my marriage :-P ), how about writing about it to let people know in advance to get prepared for my party? That's what I am going to do now. 

Venue - Lawn close to the pool in my Dream Home (Will be built by 2018, Seriously). What else could be the best venue when I give a party for the most important people in my life? The Image below is just an illustration and my dream home would be definitely better than this. 

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