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I'm sure you might have been inspired by someone or the other in your life. Will you deny that they didn't make a huge impact in your life? If 'No' is your answer, then I would say you have not been inspired. In this short blog, I'm gonna discuss about people who inspired me and what questions will I ask, if I get an opportunity to chat with them through the mobile app WeChat? Let me start with a small introduction on those personalities(In case if you're not aware of them) and then proceed on with my questions. Though I've a lot to ask, I shall stick to few important questions :-)

Che Guevera:

Source: WIKI

Che Guevera was a cuban revolutionary leader who went on to become a left wing hero. As Nelson Mandela rightly stated 'Che’s life is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom, we will always honor his memory', I being a freedom loving guy in everything I do, have always seen Che as an inspiration. The following are few questions I will ask, if i get an opportunity to chat with Che Guevera

What made you leave Cuba when you had everything like fame, success and family over there?
What would you've became, if you hadn't met Fidel Castro?
If you are born in my period, will you still stand against unlawful elements and fight for your rights?
How do you feel when fun loving adults with no responsibilities around them wear a t-shirt with your face on it? 
Do you really think few of the adults who've got your face pictured around their room really understand the principles you followed in your period? 
Is there an after life? 

Subhash Chandra Bose:

Source: WIKI

Subhash Chandra Bose otherwise known as Netaji, is my most favorite war hero right from my childhood. He was one of the most prominent Indian Freedom fighter, who fought to get India's Independence from the British Rule through Axis Powers (By Force). Violence was the only weapon Subhash believed in, unlike fellow freedom fighter Gandhiji who followed Ahimsa (Non Violence) as their weapon. Subhash was born on 23rd January of the year 1987 but his death date is still unknown to anyone. He still lives in the heart of fans like me. If I get to chat chat with Netaji, I would ask

How are you? Where are you?
We need to fight a lot of people who are worse than the people of British (during Independence) inside our country. When will you come here and give your hand to me? 
Are you really proud of your portrait being hanged at Indian Parliament?
Why did you leave our country? Wasn't that your responsibility to create individuals like you for the future benefits of our country? 
What did you do to Agent 1189 who allegedly claimed that you were dead in a plane crash on your way to Tokyo?
How was your meeting with Adolf Hitler? Was he courteous enough? 
Come Soon. I can't wait to have a coffee with you. 

Steve Jobs:

Source: WIKI

Steve jobs was the chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Apple Inc. An out-of-the-box thinker, Steve was one of the key persons in the revolution of personal computing. Born on 24th Feb 1955, he also served as Chief Executive Officer of Pixar before Disney acquired it. Throughout his life, he has inspired millions of people across the globe including me. One of the main reason of Steve job being my inspiration is he dropped out of college after his first semester to save his parent's money and went on to become one of the pioneers in the field of consumer electronics. As a marketer, I like him for his creative marketing strategies.  If I get to chat to chat with Steve, I would ask

Why did you leave us so early?
If not Apple, then what?
What's your honest opinion on Bill Gates?
Why did you name your company 'Apple' ?
Tell me honestly, what inspired you to design iPod?
Why were your inventions always expensive? A PC in every home being your vision, why didn't you invent something for a common man?
Why were you so obsessed with Levi's Jeans?
Did you like Eric Schmidt Honestly?
Why did you miss to invent something like Google?

Vijay Mallya:

Source: WIKI

Vijay Mallya, born on 18 Dec 1955  is an Indian Industrialist and a Member of Indian Parliament. He is the chairman of UB Group which has got a wide array of services across industries like Aviation, Breweries, Real Estate, Information Technology etc. He also owns an IPL Cricket Franchise by the name 'Royal Challengers Bangalore'. Vijay Mallya is known for his flamboyant lifestyle unlike other industrialists of his age. His lifestyle and the way of investments has always been my favorite. Working with him in the future is also one of my dreams. What will I chat with Vijay through WeChat?

What does it take for me to work with you?
How do you pick models for Kingfisher Calendar?
Do you personally select air hostesses for Kingfisher Airlines?
Why did the name 'Kingfisher' impress so much for you to buy it for several crores?
Why did buy the letter written by Gandhiji for such a huge price?
This is a question from many. Why aren't you doing anything about Kingfisher Airlines?
Will you take me to your guest house in Goa?
Why are so so obsessed with Formula One Races? 
Why are you a big fan of Tripati?
Why do you keep on displaying 'Kohli Kamaal' TV Ads for Royal Challenge, when you've got 20 other players playing for the team? 
Why didn't Ajit Kumar impress you to sponsor for his formula one races?

Rahul Dravid:

Source: WIKI

Rahul Dravid is a former Indian Cricketer and currently the captain of IPL Cricket Franchise 'Rajasthan Royals'. Rahul is widely known for his Work Ethic, Patience, Commitment and astonishing cricketing talent. Fondly called as 'The Wall', Rahul Dravid stood won several cricket matches for India single-handedly. Navjot Singh Sidhu once said, Rahul Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team asks him to….”. I would ask these questions to Dravid, if we 'WeChat'

How did you master the art of patience?
Even at the age of 40, you play T20 cricket like a 18 year old kid. What's your secret formula?
What is that which goes on in your mind, when you had to win matches without support from the other end?
I know you don't do but if you hate someone, who would that be?
Did you enjoy being a Captain of Indian cricket Team?
Would you still love to keep the wickets like you did once for Team India?

The above questions are those, I would ask in individual with my inspirations. If we group chat, what kind of discussion that would be? These are the questions I will put forward in that group chat. 

What's that thing which triggered all of you to achieve what you wanted in your life?

Will you all be interested in forming a government with Subash as Prime Minister, Che for Law and Administration Portfolio, Vijay Mallya for Foreign Relations, Steve for R&D  and Rahul  for President with IAS officers for all the other portfolios?

What if I tell that the country you were dreaming about, is never going to happen? What is that you want to do right now to change it? What's that you want me to do?

Subash, What do you think about Rahul's cricketing talent and patience?

Steve, Is there possibility for you to work with Vijay and design a new product for India?

Che, what do you think about Vijay's Kingfisher Calendar? 

Vijay, I want you to take back Rahul Dravid for Royal Challengers Bangalore. What do you think?

Rahul, I know you enjoyed working with Vijay during your tenure with RCB. Would you like to go back and captain your home team? 

Subash, How are we gonna use Steve's talent and vision for the benefit for our country? Steve, you can chip in your opinions too :-)

A great group chat. Isn't it? Thank you WeChat and Indiblogger for giving me this opportunity. These are the questions I've always had in mind throughout my life, but never got an opportunity to put forward. Though it was imaginary, I seriously felt it was real while writing this blog. I am sure you would've felt that too, looking at the depth of questions I asked for. Thanks a lot once again. 



Kumar Frs said...

Very good thought process. Especially Liked the Subash Part and the end discussion. Mind blowing.

Deepan Siddhu said...

Thanks a lot Kumar :-) Cheers!!

Ranjan M said...

Ooh. Keeping a character in mind and chatting with them is always fun. Never heard about WECHAT. Let me give it a try this time.

Anupamkumar31 said...

Beautifully compiled. I am big fan of Bose too. We dont often get to see leaders like him.

JamalPash09 said...

Most of your inspirations are my inspirations too other than Vijay Mallya :-P

Deepan Siddhu said...

@Anupamkumar31 - True. Very rare to see leaders like him.

@Jamalpash09 - That sounds great

@Ranjan M - I am sure you will love WeChat.

Kiruba said...

Subash - Where are you? I would have asked the same question if I get to chat with him sometime. Such a wonderful leader. He will be missed by all the generations.

Deepan Siddhu said...

@Kiruba - True. No second thoughts about it. I hope he comes back sometime and surprise me.

Mayura said...

Neatly written right out of the blog. The chat with Mallya was funny and Subash Chandra Bose ji was impressive.

Krishnakanth said...

hats off to your effort. I am sure not many would have thought of asking such questions to those legends barring few. All the best.

Vijay Joshi said...

I landed up here through your Facebook Profile. I must say this is one of your best blogs written from your heart. Kudos!!!

Lokesh Chand said...

Reading your blog after quite sometime but the entertainment it offers has never decreased over a period of time. Keep up the good work.

Rohan Mallupalli said...

Amazing blog & Good creativity.

Hrishikesh said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog

Murugesh Murthy said...

This is amazing. Read your Wechat review as well. My internet trial pack is over :-P Will recharge it tomorrow and u know what, the first job is to download Wechat app in my mobile. Happy now?

Deepan Siddhu said...

Mayura, Krishnakanth, Vijay, Lokesh, Hrishikesh, Murugesh - Thanks a lot for your compliments. Glad you liked the chat. Please do visit my blog again :-)

Lekana Reddy said...

Wonderful thoughts in the form of a blog. Even I would love to chat with these amazing leaders. Will I get a chance using WeChat :-P

Aparna Manickam said...

Deepan, this is indeed a very good blog.

Krupared3 said...

That chat with Guevera was awesome..

Shailaja K said...

Very creative. Enjoyed reading the chat between great leaders :-) :-)

Kiran said...

Really appreciate the depth of the issues you've taken forward through this imaginary chat.

Deepan Siddhu said...

@Lekana, @Krupa, @Aparna, @Shailaja - Thanks a lot for your kind words.

@Kiran - Thanks a lot. BTW, I've a close friend by your name. Thought he replied but then realized, he never read my blog :-P

Makeup Beauty Pro said...

Good one Deepan. History might've forgotten Bose and Che but you didn't.

Krezi Khan said...

Man you brought all those leaders in front of me. That was indeed a very good chat.

Chinnu dals said...

Wow very impressive blog. Hats off to your imagination.

Prasad Mehta said...

ROFLoed at the kingfisher calendar bit