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Are you original? - #OriginalCopy Experience

Original iPhone 5 - Rs. 40,000
Duplicate iPhone 5 - Rs. 12,000

Authentic Nike Dunk High Black Sneakers - Rs. 3999
Duplicate Nike Dunk High Black Sneakers - Rs.499

Original Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Rs. 19500
Fake Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Rs. 4500

The list goes on and on and on. Every original product you come process has got a duplicate replica of it in grey market. This situation is not just with the products. It extends to Fake Educational Institutions, Fake Companies, Fake Professionals and the list is endless. I've always wanted to write about this topic. Thanks to the presentation shown by Mr. Bharath (Category Manager - HP India Supplies) & The Indiblogger Team at the event #OriginalCopy held at ITC Fortune JP Celestial Hotel, Bangalore. 

Facebook Introduces a Smarter Search Engine

Everyone has been waiting after the announcement 'We are building something big' by Facebook. Rumors were circled around that the launch could be a Mobile OS by Facebook, A New Time Line and a lot more. Finally, it is a smarter search Engine (as Facebook Claims). named as 'Graph Search' . You could make use of this search engine to find out the friends in your circle according to the query you type in the Search Engine.

How to optimize your B2B blog for more leads?

Even though your company might not have a strong social media presence, you can’t afford to not have a blog, especially when you belong to the B2B Segment. Over a period of time, many B2B marketing experts have recommended blogs as an important marketing tool for a business.
However, having a blog without a strategy won’t do any good for the company. So, let’s have a look at how to optimize a blog to generate business.