[Real Estate] Why Bangalore Is The Best Place To Invest?

Being in Bangalore for the past 5 years, it has given me great insight on how an expanding metro has grown in such a massive way. As we all know when it comes down to this city, the weather is the king. This is a key factor when it comes to settling down in a metro, but some people enjoy the vibe of their own city. Bangalore is unique when it comes to the people’s laid back attitude and the culture.



ThoughtBuzz – Social Media Management & Analytics Platform | Review

What’s the primary quality of a social media marketer? Is it the thought process? Is it the experience of working with multiple brands across different industries? Is it their ability to handle a team with a mix of graphic designers, content writers and analytics experts? In my opinion, the primary quality of a social media marketer is the ability to measure their social media efforts and take action accordingly. Gone are the days, where people used to post updates on Facebook or post tweets and got along with it? Brands nowadays have started asking serious questions. One such question is what’s my ROI? Many agencies are going out of business and many social media marketers are losing their jobs or unable to progress in their career, is because of their inability to answer this question.
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Finding Parts For Commercial Utility Vehicles in Bangalore

Image Source: Pixabay
Commercial utility vehicles form an indispensable part of the automobile industry in India. They are manufactured in various designs and models. These vehicles are used to transport industrial outputs and other such commodities to their destinations.

Commercial vehicles are categorized into several parts like SCV (Small commercial vehicles), LCV (Light commercial vehicles), MCV (Multi combination vehicles) and HCV (Heavy combination vehicles). The SCV market in India was kicked off successfully with Tata launching Tata Ace in 2005. The SCV and LCV category vehicles can be categorized roughly as sub-1000 cc engine with a weight lesser than 3.5 tons.  Majority of the vehicles in this segment are three wheelers.

Some of the most common commercial vehicles in India includes Tata motors’ Tata Ace, Ashok Leyland’s Viking, Lynx, Beaver Haulage and Hippo Tipper, Piaggio Ape Swaraj Mazda’s Super high deck truck and WV-26 buses, Eicher’s starline and trucks, Bajaj’s minidor and Balwan.

One major challenge faced by majority of the commercial vehicle owners is to find the right parts when their vehicles are repaired or underperforming. Unlike consumer service centers, the service and spare part centers for commercial vehicles has always been limited. Especially finding something like heavy truck parts in Bangalore or commercial vehicle accessories in Bangalore has always been a pain point. There’s a huge black market out there which sells commercial vehicle parts in Bangalore to the owners and the service engineers. These parts are not only priced high but also ends up damaging the performance of commercial vehicles.

Under these circumstances, online portals which could help you find the right place to find the right parts act as a savior. You can easily locate stores who sell authentic parts for commercial utility vehicles like heavy trucks. Adding to that you could find anything like heavy truck parts in Bangalore or commercial vehicle accessories in Bangalore.

All you need to do is open the online portal and select your location. In my case it’s Bangalore. You can also select an area name to be very specific with your search. Follow it up with your search query. Let’s look for ‘Heavy duty truck parts in Bangalore’. In a jiffy, the website shows up lot of relevant results with a link to view contact details and the sellers' website. Isn’t that awesome? You can also shortlist names and view it for later reference. This awesome feature helps a user not to miss out any details. You can also filter your search by category. For eg. You could possibly select Trucks-New or Commercial vehicle parts & spares. This feature helps refine the search results.Be it anything. Right from axle, suspension or brake solutions for a trailer, bus, commercial truck & trailer, you could easily find the answers. Go give it a try. 


Asus Zenfone 2: The Next Big Thing Is Here

Image Source: Flipkart
This is the news we all have been waiting for. After the hugely successful launch of Asus Zenfone 5 and 6 in India, ASUS is now all set to launch Zenfone 2. Just like the previous times, the product will be exclusively available on Flipkart. I went through the product specs in the Flipkart landing page of Asus Zenfone 2 and I must say I wasn’t disappointed at all. Zenfone 2 has got everything you name and is very likely to be priced lower than any other smartphone counterparts with the similar technical specs. The product has undergone a radical design change with the curve on the rear being slightly more pronounced, compared to Zenfone 5. The colors of the phone have been outstanding giving it a premium feel (We missed this a little in the previous versions of Zenfone). Zenfone 2 is available in not just one or two but five striking colors including Glamorous red, Sheer Gold, Ceramic white, Osmium Black and Glacier Gray.

One of the most significant moves, in fact a very innovative one, is that the volume rocker has now been moved to the rear of the phone. Adjusting the volume or snapping a selfie are now quite easier with this functionality. Zenfone 2 comes with 5.5 inch large screen which can quite comfortably fit into the body of a 5-inch device. ASUS has achieved this almost impossible addition, by reducing the bezel width thereby creating a 72% screen2body ratio. The phone doesn’t just surprise us with a larger screen but also with a high resolution of 1280X720 HD IPS display for ZE550ML model and 1920X1080 FHD IPS display for the ZE551ML model. This spec is bound to give a lot of detail in eye-delighting. ASUS also powers the display with TruVivid technology bringing the color to life in absolutely brilliant clarity.

Image Source: Flipkart

Zenfone 2 also comes with a whopping 4GB RAM, a first of its kind in its segment. The product also comes with 2.3GHz Intel Atom Quad Core processor and PowerVR G6430 GPU (The same graphic unit you will find in iPhone 5s). Zenfone 2 comes with 32GB of internal storage. The additional microSD slot can be used to fill up to 64GB of space.

The Zen UI in the Zenfone 2 allows us for a lot of customization, a user will be able to change icon packs, themes in a jiffy. Zenmotion is another awesome functionality which will enable the user to draw gestures on the screen to open a particular app, when the phone is asleep.

Overall, ASUS Zenfone 2 is a device which will meet all your expectations of a perfect smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket.

Check out the product specifications here - http://www.flipkart.com/asus/zenfone-2
Follow ASUS India on Facebook here - www.facebook.com/AsusIndia 
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Guptaji Ka Nashta: Super Quick Breakfast Recipes

In our list of priorities, it’s very easy for a breakfast to fall low in a busy morning. However taking a few minutes to have something in the morning can make a huge impact on your day. Many of us don’t have time for breakfast. It could be because of several reasons. 

1) Late to school
2) Late to college
3) Late to work

Why breakfast is called the kind of all the meals? Why do few call it as the most important meal of the day? After an overnight fast, breakfast is the one which gives the brain and body with fuel.  A lot of well-known nutritionists advise that we should have breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. A healthy breakfast should be able to provide calories somewhere around 20-30% of your daily allowance in the guideline. Apart from giving us energy, breakfasts are sources of vital nutrients like iron, Vitamin B and calcium. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins. Hence including a portion of them in your daily breakfast can make a lot of difference to your day. 

I can hear you. Your question is ‘Who has got time to prepare breakfast in the morning?’ Let’s take a look at Guptaji’s family recipes. These recipes can be prepared in a flash. This is the reason Guptaji’s family is quite popular in the neighborhood.

Here’s a recipe of Cornflake Coconut Ladoos. All you need is ¼ tsps. Each of ghee, condensed milk and designated coconut along with 2 cups of cornflakes (crushed) and 2 tbsp. of mixed nuts (Chopped)

Here’s another interesting recipe you can prepare in less than 5 minutes. All you need is a cup of cold milk and cornflakes, 2 tbsp. of walnuts (chopped) and ½ cup of custard apple pulp (Deseeded). Let’s get going now. Pick up a bowl and fill it with the cup of cornflakes. Add a cup of cold milk and top it up with walnut & custard apple. Best served immediately. 

Who doesn’t like walnut cornflakes with Choc√≥ balls and what if I tell you that you can prepare this breakfast recipe in less than 15 minutes. All you need is ½ cup of lightly roasted walnuts (Chopped), lightly roasted ground cornflakes, ½ cup of milk chocolate (roughly chopped), and ½ cup of dark chocolate (roughly chopped). Follow the procedure below. 

Here comes my most favorite of all Guptaji’s family breakfast recipes because it can be made in less than 3 minutes and hence my perfect breakfast recipe. Pick up about one and a half cup of cold milk, one sliced banana, ½ cup of strawberries (Sliced) and a cup of cornflakes. Take a bowl. Fill it up with cornflakes, add the cold milk, top with bananas and strawberries and you are done. 

Take a look at how Guptaji’s neighborhood is going crazy for their family’s breakfast invite

You can find a lot more of Guptaji's family breakfast recipes here - https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta

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Find Happiness in Tiny Things Around You....

I know I'm getting older every day, but I feel mature at the same time. I know my wallet is not full, but I earn enough to keep my stomach full. I may not have all the things I wanted, but I do have all the things I need to survive. 

Over the period of time, I have learnt happiness is valuing what you have. Happiness is enjoying the objects, places, people and events happening around us. 

Many of my friends and colleagues always ask me that how I manage to remain happy despite tough circumstances one normally face in their life. Here's what I tell them. 

Know yourself: You can be happy only if you know yourself well enough. The definition of happiness is different to you and me. So, why compare yourself with others? The more you know yourself, you will discover ways to keep yourself happy. 

Mind your own business: What you think of yourself is more important than what others think of yourself. It's always better not to enter into other's people business unless and until if you're the only one who can solve their problems. 

Be Confident: Confidence is not about walking into a room thinking you're better than everyone else out there. Confidence is not comparison yourself with others in that room. There's a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. As long as you know that, things will fall into place. 

Speak Up: Minding your own business doesn't mean you don't have speak at all. There are times you need to have the courage to speak up for yourself. If you're not going to do it, then no one else is gonna to do it for you. 

Dedicate an hour every day to yourself: I know it's difficult, but it works. Do whatever you want to do for about an hour every day. It's one of the best de-stressing exercises available out there. It could be listening to music, reading books, cooking, playing guitar or anything that you've always wanted to do. Take out an hour every day and do that. Trust me, it works like a charm. 

Keep learning: Being confident is one of the keys to happiness. How can you be confident? When you know what you speak. How could you do that? By keep learning every day. I dedicate some quality time in a week to learn something about my job and it keeps me updated which in turn builds my confidence. 

Let things be: There are few things in the world which are never meant to be changed. So don't fret over something which you can't change. 

Don't try to find happiness in complex things. Happiness is there in tiny things around you. It could be a child, your bike, your guitar or a bottle of Coca-Cola. 

If you're unable to view the above video, click here - http://CokeURL.com/96jnc

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My Most Memorable Day...A Look Up Story

Source: Freepik
Asking a depressed person to get motivated is quite similar to asking a rock to dance. Both will have the same result. It's not because the people who are depressed doesn't want to get motivated. The process of getting motivated could be an overwhelming task. There are few days in life which will push you into deeply depressed stage. I did have that kind of a day once in my life. 

I was doing my Post Graduation in Hyderabad. It was the first week of April 2011. It was also the time I had to pay my tuition fees to college. My dad had deposited Rs. 75000 in my bank account. To my surprise, INR 40000 was deducted from my account. I was under the impression that this could be because of some technical issue with the bank. I went to the bank to check and I saw a big queue of people already waiting at the bank with the same issue. The bank manager told me there was no technical issue and according to the records, it's the account holder who had withdrawn the money. We all were shellshocked. That's when I remembered this moment. The previous week to this incident, I had swiped my debit card at a very well reputed shopping mall to make a purchase. Later on, we came to know that all our debit cards were duplicated and the scammer took the money from different ATMs (Where webcams were not there) using the PIN number we entered into the machine. The bank said that they cannot do anything with this issue, as it was our fault to swipe our cards at this particular shop. It was the same bank which encouraged us to use the cards for purchases and not the cash. The police just took the complaint and didn't even bother to investigate it further. 

I had no clue what to do. I didn't know what to tell my dad. Though he was going through a rough patch in his business, he did make sure I receive the money for my tuition fees. It was completely my fault. I was a student and Rs. 40000 was a big deal to me. I went into a deep depression. I didn't eat for a week, didn't talk to anyone and was just crying inside. 

My brother Surya came to know about this issue through a friend. He asked me to meet him at his residence. He listened to what happened and was completely angry with me. It was not because I lost my money but because I was depressed doing nothing. He made me understand it's not the end of the world. It's just money which we can earn at any point of time in our life. What we do as a person when we don't have money tell us what kind of a person we really are. He helped me evaluate the kind of expenditure I have and how to cut down on few. He also helped me find a job through which I can cover my tuition fees. All I have to do was to stretch myself for a month. He also spoke to my college about the delay. He also made me understand that this is a very small issue that I could have handled myself. That was the best managerial lesson I've ever received in my life. Even now, when something unfortunate happens, I don't go overboard. I sit back, evaluate, speak to my friends & family, draw out an action plan which will help me come out of the delicate situation. 

That was the day which changed the way I look at issues. That was the day I started being optimistic. Things might not go the way we planned. Sometimes we think too much about ourselves and just forget the people around us who're always willing to help. 

Housing.com believes in the same philosophy. It believes in the power of staying together at tough times. In my case, it was my brother. In your case, it could be someone else. Find them out and seek their help without hesitation. Doing that will change any bad to a memorable day. Always look up - https://housing.com/
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How Do I Stay Optimistic...A Look Up Story

A lot of great people have shared their thoughts on how one can always be optimistic in their life. For example, Anais Nin once said  that we don't see things as they are. We always look at things as we are. I've always been inspired by these types of thought leaders. Be it the way I live or the way I work or the way I build relationships. When it comes to my personal development, I always try to improve my outlook on life rather than focusing too much on me as a person. I've always believed in the principle, when you change your outlook on life, everything looks different. 

We might have all heard of the story of optimist/pessimist's look at a glass of water. An optimist would say it's a glass of water filled in half. Meanwhile, the pessimist would say it's a half-emptied glass of water. 

I will share one of my life experiences on how I turned from a pessimist to an optimist. I always think of the outcome before beginning an activity. It's an example of how I learned to drive a car. There have been several instances where situation demanded me driving a car. I have always been worrying about, what if I get into an accident. What will I do, when people honk at me while I'm driving slowly? What if I hit someone on road? There was 1000s of negative questions in my life because of which I never drove a car till I met a friend of mine. He made me realize that I've been extremely pessimistic. He told me to keep in mind that the road I'm gonna drive is mine. You drive the way you wanted to drive. All you need to keep in mind is the rule set by the government and not by the people around you. If someone is honking at you, let them honk. It's wastage of their energy and not yours. That was an inspiration. I picked up the car for the first time keeping all the tips in mind. It was quite effortless. I was able to drive without any worries. That's when I realized it's all about the mindset. You don't always have to think of an outcome. Even if you want to, always think of a good outcome. Keep in mind Aamir Khan's popular movie dialog 'ALL IS WELL'. 

I will share another quite similar life experience. I used a have a lot of stage fear during my under graduation times. I always shied away from stages thinking people might mock me if I make mistakes. It was all out there till one of my favorite professors advised me. He told me, keep in mind whoever is sitting in front of you is an IDIOT. That includes your college principal, head of departments, senior professors and fellow classmates. That completely changed my outlook towards public speeches. I started making effortless speeches in front of crowds ranging from 50-500. 

It's all about the mindset. It's all about the way we look at things. One can always stay optimistic if they don't let the distraction control them. It should be the other way around. 

Meet the new housing, which is bringing optimism to the world - https://housing.com/lookup
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How Did I Start A New Life...

Image Source: Housing
The story goes way back to April, 2009. The month I passed out of my college as an electrical engineering graduate. I didn't get much time to relax, as I had to take up my job the very next day after my last exam. I got trained as a Telecommunication Engineer at a Private company in Coimbatore. I used to travel every day about 75 Kms from my home (Palani) to Coimbatore during my training period of about 3 months. My parents didn't let me stay alone at Coimbatore, as they thought I wasn't ready to stay alone. After my training period, I was advised by the company to be posted in Bangalore. That's the first time I had to stay far away from home. 

My first official job in Bangalore. It took a lot of convincing to let my parents allow me to leave my hometown for a job in Bangalore. They weren't quite sure about how I'm going to manage my own life. They still looked at me as a kid. After I told them that this isn't just a job but a dream. My parents did realize later it's time for me to take more responsibilities in my life.  New job, new people, new language & new food habits. Almost everything looked Hebrew to me. 

My company was at Indira Nagar. It has always been quite an expensive place to find an accommodation for a fresh graduate like me. Along with two other friends, I managed to find a room in a PG accommodation at Ulsoor. I paid about Rs. 5000 as rent in a month. The room was lesser than 100 square feet and it was proving to be quite difficult for all the three of us to stay in one room. Since we all had to start to work at the same time, it turned out be really difficult for us to share a common washroom in the morning. On top of all these challenges, we had the cleanliness issue at the room. The workers at the PG accommodation  weren't regular and we lived with a pile of garbage. Food options around the PG hasn't been good. My friends and me used to have stomach upsets frequently because of the quality of food. 

Two months passed by. Every day was a hell for me. You can compromise on anything but not the place you live.  I even decided to quit my job and go back to hometown. However, my dream to live in a city like Bangalore kept me motivated. I sat back and worked out what I needed to do to find a better place to live. I figured out, to stay in a 1BHK at a place like Indira Nagar, I had to shell out a rent amount of Rs. 12000 and an advance amount of Rs. 60000. With my salary of Rs. 21000, I started noting down my expenses. I cut it down wherever I could save. I sacrificed my craving for food which is expensive, drinks and watching movie in multiplexes. Over a period of 1 year, I was able to save the money I needed to stay in a better place. I saved my money with thorough discipline and was able to stay in a 1BHK at Indira Nagar. When I shifted there, everything in my life I hated turned out to look good. It improved my productivity at work and I was also able to focus on bettering my relationship with people. My new life began at that moment. 

I wish I had seen or known Housing.com at that moment. I could've got a hell lot of better options and could've started living my life a little earlier. 

Take a look at this short movie to understand Housing.com better

Look up. Start a new life at https://www.housing.com

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This Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster

Recently I stumbled across this video by Pepsi. It starts with a strong copy ‘This Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster’. Turns out it’s going to be one. For my surprise, I could see plenty of who’s who of Bollywood and cricketing world. To name a few in the video; Bollywood Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, Indian Cricket Sensation Virat Kohli, Music Magician Pritam Chakraborty, Director Anurag Basu and Terence Lewis. Are they coming together for a movie? Is this an ad shoot? Could it be a reality show? Let’s take a look at what’s happening in this video.

Everyone in this video claims that this is all about them. Ranbir says people come to theatre to watch him in big screens. Virat Kohli says people come to cricket stadium to watch him play. Anurag Basu claims that he’s the backbone and others are just puppets. Pritam Da says the actor just lip sync for the music that he creates.

While almost everyone in the video gives me a feel that it’s going to be a star-studded movie, Virat Kohli doesn’t. He talks about cricket. Is he going to make his debut in Bollywood? There has been run off the mill rumors that he will make his Bollywood debut very soon and the fact Pepsi is claiming that this is gonna be this summer’s biggest blockbuster, it kind of gives me the same feel too.

My friend Sanjeev thinks it could be a reality show. Since everyone in this video, claims that this is all about them and others don’t matter, it kind of gives me the feel that reality show doesn’t sound like a bad idea. After all, reality shows revolve around individuals and their capabilities.

I also managed to get hold of few shots which were taken during the shoot

Let’s take guesses now. Shall we? Take a look at this video and tell me what you think this could be

If you face any issues in watching the video above, click the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fajc2GSsTs8
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Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao | An Initiative By HDFC Life

Source: Freepik

It's not very uncommon, we rely so much on adults we know to make our life run smoothly, to a certain point in time. In that point, we all realize that we must start taking care of ourselves and start taking our own decisions. 

My mom and dad took care of almost everything in life, till I finished my engineering degree and had to leave my town for work. Be it my laundry, taking care of my health when I'm sick or making sure I eat properly, my parents took care of everything. I was really scared the first time I left home for work. Bangalore! New environment, new people, the new type of food made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I stayed in a hostel, where I had to take care of everything on my own. Right from keeping the room clean, cooking my food and laundry. Days passed by. I worked for a telecom company for a year. I decided to do my masters in Hyderabad. 

Life in Hyderabad didn't suck as much as of the life in Bangalore. It was quite comfortable. People, food, environment and preferences were quite similar to that of Tamil Nadu. Days passed up. I was feeling very comfortable with life. Dad and Mom used to send money, that I used to happily spend along with friends. No responsibility whatsoever. I was on my way to complete my masters. That's when it all happened. Dad had to go through a tough phase in his business. I realized the challenges. I told Dad that I've taken up a job and he need not send money for my expenses. That's when I met my brother Surya, a distant relative of mine. He's the one who made me realize that I've no idea what I'm doing with my life. Since I was too comfortable in life, there came the time I had to lead my life without the support of my parents. I was also in a situation to help them out. 

My brother is the one who taught me some very important lessons in my life. He taught me to assume responsibilities. Gone are the days, you had to rely on your parents. Now it's the time they rely on you and they won't just do that, you got to give them the confidence that you can take care of them. He also taught me that I cannot rely on anyone ever in my life. That's the mindset I needed to have. If your room is messy, clean it up. If your vehicle is dirty, clean it up yourself. Every time you do that, you'll realize the amount of money you're saving. I would like to say, taking responsibility isn't always fun. Sometimes it requires you to things which are often tedious, boring, time-consuming and frustrating. However, when you get habituated, you get the confidence that you need not depend on anyone ever in your life. My brother is also the one who taught me to have a road map in life and never run in the dark. When you run into a problem, you should know how to solve it yourself without having to call someone for help. There will be times, you'll have to make serious decisions. You cannot expect someone to help you out. You should be capable of handling those decisions yourself. 

My brother Surya is the God to me. He came at the right time in my life, made me realize where I was going wrong, gave me the confidence to assume responsibilities and handle things on my own. That entirely changed the way I look at my life. I'm grateful to him throughout my entire life. 

Check out this beautiful short film made by HDFC Life, to see how a dad helped a little girl to grow into a better and self-reliant person. 

For more information on HDFC Life, visit http://www.hdfclife.com/
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No Fikar. Chat Quikr.

Online classifieds is an internet market place for sellers and buyers to exchange information based on a particular need. In India, it's a relatively newer concept but picking up at a rapid speed. Classifieds has long time remained the purview of newspapers, radio and television. Thanks to players like Quikr for revolutionizing the online classifieds space in India by eliminating the need to spend money on new paper ads to full fill a requirement. Having said that, majority of Indian consumers are hesitant sharing their information online fearing privacy concerns. With the launch of Quikr Nxt, Quikr has completely transformed the online classifieds space in India yet again. To give you a brief, Quikr Nxt is a new feature by Quikr which enables buyers and sellers to interact over chat screens against phone calls. Here are three reasons, why I prefer chat over phone calls. 

No More Annoying Phone Calls

I've used online classifieds several times for the purposes ranging from buying/selling mobile phones, electronic goods, watches, renting homes etc. When the offer is real good, you tend to get a lot of incoming phone calls from sellers. Sometimes it leads up to a point, where few sellers call you repeatedly (Including calls at late nights) despite you turning down their requests. At these situations, you really feel bad for listing your offer in a classified site. Now a chat option in Quikr Nxt, ensures that my mobile number is private and anything I need to convey to a buyer/seller can be done through a chat screen without having to disclose my mobile number. 

Saves Lot Of Money

As a bachelor, we frequently change where we stay, because of changes in work places. I've always used Quikr to find a place to rent. The major pain point has been, several of the house owners/brokers do not give proper details of the property like the rent amount, advance amount or even photos of the property. In these instances, you've to call these folks, explain what you want and ask them to communicate the things you wanted over an e-mail. Most of the cases, the calls lead up to a duration of more than 10 minutes and you'll have to speak with at least 15-20 folks before you freeze on a property that fits your needs and not to forget the tens of follow up phone calls to visit the property at the convenience of the owner/broker. From my previous experiences, I'm pretty sure you'll lose close to half a grand making these phone calls. The chat option in Quikr Nxt eliminates all these hassles by saving you a lot of money which is otherwise burnt on making phone calls. 

Keeping Track Of Calls

Keeping track of who you called is really a tedious activity especially when you are in need of renting a property. You'll have to call a minimum of 20 folks to understand if the property fits your requirement or not. Sometimes it may even lead up to calling up 50-60 folks to get exactly what you wanted. You generally don't tend to save these numbers and hence it's very likely these numbers will get mixed up with your regular incoming/outgoing calls. Quikr Nxt removes this pain point instantly, by maintaining the chat records. 

Go checkout the features of Quikr NXT here - http://www.quikr.com

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Tata Bolt Review: The Hatchback That Will Steal Your Hearts

Source: TataMotors
Tata has recently seen success with the launch of Zest, competing with the likes of Suzuki Desire and Honda Amaze. However considering the number of players in the mid range hatchback segment, with the launch of Tata Bolt, has Tata succeeded again? My answer would be a big 'YES'. Here are my five reasons why. 

Engine & Performance

The Bolt is powered by 1193CC Revotron motor (Petrol) just like that of Tata Zest. The motor has gone through extensive reworks to differentiate itself from previous hatchback models from Tata like Indica V1 and Vista. The powerplant of the engine uses the honeywell turbocharger and makes about 5000 rpm. The five speed transmission is sure to give smooth and positive shifts. For the first time in this segment, the Bolt offers 3 driving modes such as Eco, Sport and City. When switched between the modes, the Bolt not only changes the accelerator pedal's sensitivity but also informs the ECU to deliver better fuel economy or more power. I must say the engineers at Tata have done a great job in making the engine drivable while keeping the turbo-level at minimal levels in low rpm range.

Style (Interior)

Anyone who's familiar with Tata cars will definitely be surprised looking at Tata Bolt. There's a vast improvement in Bolt from Tata's previous offerings in the similar segment. As soon as you jump inside the car, the first thing you'll notice is the elegant and stylish dashboard. The design looks absolutely fresh with a java black theme and chrome silver detailing. The switches and knobs has the feel of Euro Design unlike the other cars in this segment which is more of Japanese or Korean designs. 


The bolt comes with a powerful 8-speaker Harman Kardon entertainment system with video playback and navigation. The devices comes with a 5 inches resistive touch screen with added features like bluetooth, USB, AUX and SD card connectivity. The performance was stunning. Even when I turned up the volume to the maximum, there was no distortion or clipping. It's one of those rare OEM systems, where it gets better as you go louder. The navigation system deserves a big applause. Owners can download the free MapMyIndia Navi Maps & Harman Smartlink apps in their Android smartphones and then connect it to the Harman Kardon system. 

Features (Driving Modes)

The instrument cluster comes with a clean white lighting. The power window switches and the buttons on the central console are illuminated with a super clean back light. The best part is, the brightness of this back light can be adjusted to five different modes too. There's an MID in the middle with a speedometer to the right and a tachometer to the left. Right above the MID, the tata bolt has got options for three different driving modes - City, Sport and Eco. A chime is played to let the user know there's a shift between driving modes. 


Parked next to it's competitors in the similar segment, the bolt stands out with a completely mature design. It's contemporary and nearly identical to Zest when seen from the front. For the low beams, the headlamp possesses halogen projectors and it also has a smoked finish. The bonnet has a power bulge in the center. The silhouette is quite similar to vista. The absence of plastic strips or claddings on the side gives Bolt a professional look. 

Check out few pictures I took with Tata Bolt at Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore

“This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.”
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ASUS EeeBook X205TA - A Perfect Product For a Perfect Life

I recently stumbled upon this on-the-go computing product EeeBook X205TA by ASUS. The product ticks so many right boxes in anyone's dream tech/lifestyle product specifications. Let's take a look at few features of the device, to know why EeeBook X205TA is a perfect product for a perfect life. 

It's really really light

The weight of ASUS EeeBook X205TA is just under 1 KG and it's amazingly sleek and light, making it a perfect on-the-go computing device. The thickness of the device is just 1.75CM making it one of the super thinnest devices available out there on the market. I spend close to 4 hours traveling in a day. I tend to finish a lot of work related stuffs on the go. The only pain point is that my laptop is too heavy making it little complicated to work. This super sleek device is bound to make my complications simpler by being super light. 

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription for a year

The subscription which is otherwise available at close to Rs. 4000 in leading portals like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal is completely free of cost for a year, when you buy this amazing device. For a device which is priced at lesser than Rs. 15000, this is a great deal. Hence the device isn't just light in weight but light in pockets too. 

12 Hours Web Browsing (Or) 13 Hours Music Playing (Or) 11 Hours Video Playing

Any professional in my line of work would tell you the amount of pain you incur, because of the bad battery life of the device. My laptop can hold it for about 2 hours and the smartphone for around 6 hours. The ASUS EeeBook X205TA comes with a battery life providing close to 12 hours of web browsing, which is more than my laptop and smartphone combined. Tell me more, why this wouldn't be a perfect product for any professional.

500 GB ASUS Web Storage and 1 TB Microsoft One Drive Space

The device also comes with a couple of free cloud storage options like 500 GB of ASUS Web storage and 1TB Microsoft One Drive. Now I wouldn't have to invest on a 1TB portable hard disk which would cost me close to Rs. 5500. Having this option enables to access my secured data at any point of time with internet connectivity, without having to carry a device for storage all the time. 

Seamless MultiTasking Experience

Professionals in my line of work open a minimum of 25 tabs at a time, accessing multiple social networks and tools at the same time. With a quad core processor, this device is sure to ensure a smooth multitasking experience. 

Priced at just Rs. 14999

The device is priced at just Rs. 14999. With the free Microsoft office 365 subscription and free cloud storage services, the device is almost literally free of cost. The device doesn't feel light in weight, but super light in pockets too, making it a perfect product for a perfect life. 

You can purchase the product on Flipkart

Image Sources: Flipkart - ASUS EeeBook X205TA Landing Page
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Be Bold This Valentine's Day...

Source: Freepik
Valentine's Day is round the corner. I'm sure many of my friends out there would be figuring out tons of creative ways to propose to their valentine. If I have to propose to my crush on Valentine's day how would I do it? This is one moment I've been waiting for quite some time. I have been inspired and have also thought through several creative & romantic ideas to impress my valentine this time. Take a look. 

Facebook Page:

Yes you got that right. After all, I market brands on Facebook for a living. I will be setting up a Facebook page named 'I love you Sweetheart'. First I'll be inviting all my friends the previous day (Except her) to like the page. The cover photo of the page will be kept blank and lot of clues will be shared in advance keeping my friends in loop to figure out her name. Then on Valentine's Day around 12 AM, I will put up our pictures together in album and in the cover photo. I will invite her to like the page. Then guess what's gonna happen? 

YouTube Proposal:

I'm gonna record a video of what I think how our relationship has been and I don't think it's just friendship and how I can't live without her. The video will be kept private on YouTube. I'll share the link with her a day in advance and ask her to watch the video by 12 AM and by the same time I'll make the video public and post it on my social channels. 

Newspaper Ad: 

This is one another marketer's trick up my sleeve. On Valentine's day, I will take her out on a picnic. She's a regular news reader especially the Bangalore section in TOI. Only on that particular day, she will be seeing a beautiful ad in the corner with both of our picture together and with a message 'I can't imagine a world without you. You're the most beautiful girl I've seen in my life. I love you'

The Treasure Hunt:

She is a big fan of treasure hunt. And what better idea to bury my proposal somewhere safe and make her find, saying I've a special gift for her that day. 

In the Air: 

How about proposing on the air? It's one of the most romantic idea I thought of executing it on Valentine's day. I will take her on a helicopter ride on top of Bangalore and when we are just in the middle of the journey, I'm gonna get on my knees (Hopefully the pilot should allow me) and tell her that I love her. 

These were few of the ideas I thought of, for this valentine's day. Please share your comments your romantic/creative ideas on how you are planning to propose your crush. 

Meanwhile, check out this initiative by Close up - http://cupidgames.closeup.in/. Submit your bold moves and stand a chance to win an iPhone 6. 

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