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The story goes way back to April, 2009. The month I passed out of my college as an electrical engineering graduate. I didn't get much time to relax, as I had to take up my job the very next day after my last exam. I got trained as a Telecommunication Engineer at a Private company in Coimbatore. I used to travel every day about 75 Kms from my home (Palani) to Coimbatore during my training period of about 3 months. My parents didn't let me stay alone at Coimbatore, as they thought I wasn't ready to stay alone. After my training period, I was advised by the company to be posted in Bangalore. That's the first time I had to stay far away from home. 

My first official job in Bangalore. It took a lot of convincing to let my parents allow me to leave my hometown for a job in Bangalore. They weren't quite sure about how I'm going to manage my own life. They still looked at me as a kid. After I told them that this isn't just a job but a dream. My parents did realize later it's time for me to take more responsibilities in my life.  New job, new people, new language & new food habits. Almost everything looked Hebrew to me. 

My company was at Indira Nagar. It has always been quite an expensive place to find an accommodation for a fresh graduate like me. Along with two other friends, I managed to find a room in a PG accommodation at Ulsoor. I paid about Rs. 5000 as rent in a month. The room was lesser than 100 square feet and it was proving to be quite difficult for all the three of us to stay in one room. Since we all had to start to work at the same time, it turned out be really difficult for us to share a common washroom in the morning. On top of all these challenges, we had the cleanliness issue at the room. The workers at the PG accommodation  weren't regular and we lived with a pile of garbage. Food options around the PG hasn't been good. My friends and me used to have stomach upsets frequently because of the quality of food. 

Two months passed by. Every day was a hell for me. You can compromise on anything but not the place you live.  I even decided to quit my job and go back to hometown. However, my dream to live in a city like Bangalore kept me motivated. I sat back and worked out what I needed to do to find a better place to live. I figured out, to stay in a 1BHK at a place like Indira Nagar, I had to shell out a rent amount of Rs. 12000 and an advance amount of Rs. 60000. With my salary of Rs. 21000, I started noting down my expenses. I cut it down wherever I could save. I sacrificed my craving for food which is expensive, drinks and watching movie in multiplexes. Over a period of 1 year, I was able to save the money I needed to stay in a better place. I saved my money with thorough discipline and was able to stay in a 1BHK at Indira Nagar. When I shifted there, everything in my life I hated turned out to look good. It improved my productivity at work and I was also able to focus on bettering my relationship with people. My new life began at that moment. 

I wish I had seen or known at that moment. I could've got a hell lot of better options and could've started living my life a little earlier. 

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