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It's not very uncommon, we rely so much on adults we know to make our life run smoothly, to a certain point in time. In that point, we all realize that we must start taking care of ourselves and start taking our own decisions. 

My mom and dad took care of almost everything in life, till I finished my engineering degree and had to leave my town for work. Be it my laundry, taking care of my health when I'm sick or making sure I eat properly, my parents took care of everything. I was really scared the first time I left home for work. Bangalore! New environment, new people, the new type of food made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I stayed in a hostel, where I had to take care of everything on my own. Right from keeping the room clean, cooking my food and laundry. Days passed by. I worked for a telecom company for a year. I decided to do my masters in Hyderabad. 

Life in Hyderabad didn't suck as much as of the life in Bangalore. It was quite comfortable. People, food, environment and preferences were quite similar to that of Tamil Nadu. Days passed up. I was feeling very comfortable with life. Dad and Mom used to send money, that I used to happily spend along with friends. No responsibility whatsoever. I was on my way to complete my masters. That's when it all happened. Dad had to go through a tough phase in his business. I realized the challenges. I told Dad that I've taken up a job and he need not send money for my expenses. That's when I met my brother Surya, a distant relative of mine. He's the one who made me realize that I've no idea what I'm doing with my life. Since I was too comfortable in life, there came the time I had to lead my life without the support of my parents. I was also in a situation to help them out. 

My brother is the one who taught me some very important lessons in my life. He taught me to assume responsibilities. Gone are the days, you had to rely on your parents. Now it's the time they rely on you and they won't just do that, you got to give them the confidence that you can take care of them. He also taught me that I cannot rely on anyone ever in my life. That's the mindset I needed to have. If your room is messy, clean it up. If your vehicle is dirty, clean it up yourself. Every time you do that, you'll realize the amount of money you're saving. I would like to say, taking responsibility isn't always fun. Sometimes it requires you to things which are often tedious, boring, time-consuming and frustrating. However, when you get habituated, you get the confidence that you need not depend on anyone ever in your life. My brother is also the one who taught me to have a road map in life and never run in the dark. When you run into a problem, you should know how to solve it yourself without having to call someone for help. There will be times, you'll have to make serious decisions. You cannot expect someone to help you out. You should be capable of handling those decisions yourself. 

My brother Surya is the God to me. He came at the right time in my life, made me realize where I was going wrong, gave me the confidence to assume responsibilities and handle things on my own. That entirely changed the way I look at my life. I'm grateful to him throughout my entire life. 

Check out this beautiful short film made by HDFC Life, to see how a dad helped a little girl to grow into a better and self-reliant person. 

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