This Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster

Recently I stumbled across this video by Pepsi. It starts with a strong copy ‘This Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster’. Turns out it’s going to be one. For my surprise, I could see plenty of who’s who of Bollywood and cricketing world. To name a few in the video; Bollywood Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, Indian Cricket Sensation Virat Kohli, Music Magician Pritam Chakraborty, Director Anurag Basu and Terence Lewis. Are they coming together for a movie? Is this an ad shoot? Could it be a reality show? Let’s take a look at what’s happening in this video.

Everyone in this video claims that this is all about them. Ranbir says people come to theatre to watch him in big screens. Virat Kohli says people come to cricket stadium to watch him play. Anurag Basu claims that he’s the backbone and others are just puppets. Pritam Da says the actor just lip sync for the music that he creates.

While almost everyone in the video gives me a feel that it’s going to be a star-studded movie, Virat Kohli doesn’t. He talks about cricket. Is he going to make his debut in Bollywood? There has been run off the mill rumors that he will make his Bollywood debut very soon and the fact Pepsi is claiming that this is gonna be this summer’s biggest blockbuster, it kind of gives me the same feel too.

My friend Sanjeev thinks it could be a reality show. Since everyone in this video, claims that this is all about them and others don’t matter, it kind of gives me the feel that reality show doesn’t sound like a bad idea. After all, reality shows revolve around individuals and their capabilities.

I also managed to get hold of few shots which were taken during the shoot

Let’s take guesses now. Shall we? Take a look at this video and tell me what you think this could be

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