My Most Memorable Day...A Look Up Story

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Asking a depressed person to get motivated is quite similar to asking a rock to dance. Both will have the same result. It's not because the people who are depressed doesn't want to get motivated. The process of getting motivated could be an overwhelming task. There are few days in life which will push you into deeply depressed stage. I did have that kind of a day once in my life. 

I was doing my Post Graduation in Hyderabad. It was the first week of April 2011. It was also the time I had to pay my tuition fees to college. My dad had deposited Rs. 75000 in my bank account. To my surprise, INR 40000 was deducted from my account. I was under the impression that this could be because of some technical issue with the bank. I went to the bank to check and I saw a big queue of people already waiting at the bank with the same issue. The bank manager told me there was no technical issue and according to the records, it's the account holder who had withdrawn the money. We all were shellshocked. That's when I remembered this moment. The previous week to this incident, I had swiped my debit card at a very well reputed shopping mall to make a purchase. Later on, we came to know that all our debit cards were duplicated and the scammer took the money from different ATMs (Where webcams were not there) using the PIN number we entered into the machine. The bank said that they cannot do anything with this issue, as it was our fault to swipe our cards at this particular shop. It was the same bank which encouraged us to use the cards for purchases and not the cash. The police just took the complaint and didn't even bother to investigate it further. 

I had no clue what to do. I didn't know what to tell my dad. Though he was going through a rough patch in his business, he did make sure I receive the money for my tuition fees. It was completely my fault. I was a student and Rs. 40000 was a big deal to me. I went into a deep depression. I didn't eat for a week, didn't talk to anyone and was just crying inside. 

My brother Surya came to know about this issue through a friend. He asked me to meet him at his residence. He listened to what happened and was completely angry with me. It was not because I lost my money but because I was depressed doing nothing. He made me understand it's not the end of the world. It's just money which we can earn at any point of time in our life. What we do as a person when we don't have money tell us what kind of a person we really are. He helped me evaluate the kind of expenditure I have and how to cut down on few. He also helped me find a job through which I can cover my tuition fees. All I have to do was to stretch myself for a month. He also spoke to my college about the delay. He also made me understand that this is a very small issue that I could have handled myself. That was the best managerial lesson I've ever received in my life. Even now, when something unfortunate happens, I don't go overboard. I sit back, evaluate, speak to my friends & family, draw out an action plan which will help me come out of the delicate situation. 

That was the day which changed the way I look at issues. That was the day I started being optimistic. Things might not go the way we planned. Sometimes we think too much about ourselves and just forget the people around us who're always willing to help. believes in the same philosophy. It believes in the power of staying together at tough times. In my case, it was my brother. In your case, it could be someone else. Find them out and seek their help without hesitation. Doing that will change any bad to a memorable day. Always look up -
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