Find Happiness in Tiny Things Around You....

I know I'm getting older every day, but I feel mature at the same time. I know my wallet is not full, but I earn enough to keep my stomach full. I may not have all the things I wanted, but I do have all the things I need to survive. 

Over the period of time, I have learnt happiness is valuing what you have. Happiness is enjoying the objects, places, people and events happening around us. 

Many of my friends and colleagues always ask me that how I manage to remain happy despite tough circumstances one normally face in their life. Here's what I tell them. 

Know yourself: You can be happy only if you know yourself well enough. The definition of happiness is different to you and me. So, why compare yourself with others? The more you know yourself, you will discover ways to keep yourself happy. 

Mind your own business: What you think of yourself is more important than what others think of yourself. It's always better not to enter into other's people business unless and until if you're the only one who can solve their problems. 

Be Confident: Confidence is not about walking into a room thinking you're better than everyone else out there. Confidence is not comparison yourself with others in that room. There's a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. As long as you know that, things will fall into place. 

Speak Up: Minding your own business doesn't mean you don't have speak at all. There are times you need to have the courage to speak up for yourself. If you're not going to do it, then no one else is gonna to do it for you. 

Dedicate an hour every day to yourself: I know it's difficult, but it works. Do whatever you want to do for about an hour every day. It's one of the best de-stressing exercises available out there. It could be listening to music, reading books, cooking, playing guitar or anything that you've always wanted to do. Take out an hour every day and do that. Trust me, it works like a charm. 

Keep learning: Being confident is one of the keys to happiness. How can you be confident? When you know what you speak. How could you do that? By keep learning every day. I dedicate some quality time in a week to learn something about my job and it keeps me updated which in turn builds my confidence. 

Let things be: There are few things in the world which are never meant to be changed. So don't fret over something which you can't change. 

Don't try to find happiness in complex things. Happiness is there in tiny things around you. It could be a child, your bike, your guitar or a bottle of Coca-Cola. 

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