Be Bold This Valentine's Day...

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Valentine's Day is round the corner. I'm sure many of my friends out there would be figuring out tons of creative ways to propose to their valentine. If I have to propose to my crush on Valentine's day how would I do it? This is one moment I've been waiting for quite some time. I have been inspired and have also thought through several creative & romantic ideas to impress my valentine this time. Take a look. 

Facebook Page:

Yes you got that right. After all, I market brands on Facebook for a living. I will be setting up a Facebook page named 'I love you Sweetheart'. First I'll be inviting all my friends the previous day (Except her) to like the page. The cover photo of the page will be kept blank and lot of clues will be shared in advance keeping my friends in loop to figure out her name. Then on Valentine's Day around 12 AM, I will put up our pictures together in album and in the cover photo. I will invite her to like the page. Then guess what's gonna happen? 

YouTube Proposal:

I'm gonna record a video of what I think how our relationship has been and I don't think it's just friendship and how I can't live without her. The video will be kept private on YouTube. I'll share the link with her a day in advance and ask her to watch the video by 12 AM and by the same time I'll make the video public and post it on my social channels. 

Newspaper Ad: 

This is one another marketer's trick up my sleeve. On Valentine's day, I will take her out on a picnic. She's a regular news reader especially the Bangalore section in TOI. Only on that particular day, she will be seeing a beautiful ad in the corner with both of our picture together and with a message 'I can't imagine a world without you. You're the most beautiful girl I've seen in my life. I love you'

The Treasure Hunt:

She is a big fan of treasure hunt. And what better idea to bury my proposal somewhere safe and make her find, saying I've a special gift for her that day. 

In the Air: 

How about proposing on the air? It's one of the most romantic idea I thought of executing it on Valentine's day. I will take her on a helicopter ride on top of Bangalore and when we are just in the middle of the journey, I'm gonna get on my knees (Hopefully the pilot should allow me) and tell her that I love her. 

These were few of the ideas I thought of, for this valentine's day. Please share your comments your romantic/creative ideas on how you are planning to propose your crush. 

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