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What’s the primary quality of a social media marketer? Is it the thought process? Is it the experience of working with multiple brands across different industries? Is it their ability to handle a team with a mix of graphic designers, content writers and analytics experts? In my opinion, the primary quality of a social media marketer is the ability to measure their social media efforts and take action accordingly. Gone are the days, where people used to post updates on Facebook or post tweets and got along with it? Brands nowadays have started asking serious questions. One such question is what’s my ROI? Many agencies are going out of business and many social media marketers are losing their jobs or unable to progress in their career, is because of their inability to answer this question.

In order to answer this trivial question, one needs to know how to handle a social media monitoring tool or sometimes called a social media analytics tool.  Over the last decade, there have been launches of dozens of social media monitoring and analytics tool. However every tool has its own merits and demerits. There hasn’t been a single tool, which was able to answer all the tough questions asked by the brands investing in social media. The primary thing one needs to consider before selecting such a tool is know what they’re actually going to measure. A social media campaign without measurable outcomes & clearly defined objectives is like journey without knowing the destination. These outcomes, otherwise known as key performance indicators will help you determine whether the social media marketing has been successful or not. Over the years of working with multiple brands, these essential KPIs boil down to five important parameters such as Reach, Engagement, Competitor data, Sentiment and conversions.

Recently, I stumbled across this social media management platform named ThoughtBuzz, which had the capability to solve many of the pain points I’ve faced in my career. All you need to do is set up a trial account, go to settings and integrate your social account (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram). In the example below, I’ve integrated a facebook page I manage.

Once I integrated, I clicked on ‘Analytics’. I was able to get a comprehensive view of page’s performance for a defined time interval. Here’s how my page has performed in terms of Likes, reach & engagement.

Page Likes

Page Reach

In the screenshot above, you will able to see a spike in engagement between 21st and 23rd May. This spike is because of a campaign we ran in this time period. This clearly helps me understand the difference between the regular engagement and the engagement during a campaign (Co-relating with the ad spend during the campaign will clearly help us define the ROI)

ThoughtBuzz didn't just give me an overview of the performance, I was able to see the date wise performance for the defined data range. This is exactly a marketer wants to get a comprehensive view of his/her brand's performance on social media. 

Not just that, there are tons of other features like persona analysis, content analysis, influencer identification, lead identification & social intelligence matrix that one can gain by using ThoughtBuzz. 

My rating:
User Experience – 4.5/5
Pricing – 4.5/5
Features – 5/5
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