Thalaivaa & Chennai Express - The Trending Story

8-Aug-2013 Around 10PM (Thalaivaa India Trending No.1):

9-Aug-2013 Around 3AM (Thalaivaa India Trending No.1):

That awesome moment, when Thalaivaa trends way above the so-called Bollywood biggie 'Chennai Express' in Twitter India Trends. This is supposed to be a proud moment for any South-Indian Cinema fan but look what our government has done. It has stopped the movie releasing tomorrow in Tamil Nadu after some stupid bomb threats. I wonder, why do we have the police department then? Are they only for giving protection to the politicians who has done nothing for the country? 

Here are few tweets from the fans and Tweeples across the country voicing their opinions supporting Thalaivaa on Twitter

And look what T-series is trying to do. They are trying to overtake the trend. Don't you think this is stupid T-Series? This is one of the cheapest tactics I've ever seen. Do you think you can overtake the trend just by a simple tweet, from the fans of Ilayathalapathy Vijay across the world?

Look at the number of Fake profiles(that too celebrity fake profiles) created to promote 'Chennai Express' on Twitter. I'm absolutely sure the agency handling this campaign is an amateur. Creating a fake profile is fine, but please make sure you don't repeat the same tweets again and again. I'm also adding a picture for reference (in case, if the agency delete these tweets after reading this blog)

Here's a tweet I liked very much. Salman Khan (Fake Profile) tweeting about the success of Chennai Express

The most interesting part of the story is, one fake profile counter-attacked my tweet against Chennai Express. Have a look.

And 100 more profiles. Most of the profiles has got more 'following' than 'followers' which means - Yes!!! FAKE!!! Watch the trend #ChennaiExpress on Twitter for more fun.
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