A Week In Paradise

Theme: If you'll take your family or friends to anywhere on the earth, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever?

To start with, I would take my family (Dad & Mom is all I've in my family) to the one of the most sought after destinations of the world - EUROPE. Why my family? Why not my friends? Almost every trip in my life was with my friends. Dad and mom, throughout their life have never been to a proper tourist destination. They've always been working hard and sacrificing their wishes for the betterment of my sister and me. I could have taken them to some of the tourist destinations nearby, but I always wanted to give them the best experience ever. Hence I've saved this dream tourist destination for them.
The reason I chose Europe, it's because Europe is not even one third the size of Africa, not even a quarter of the size of Asia but still the number of travelers, it pulls in a year is unmatched across the world. Be it Easy London with it's post Olympics make over or Amsterdam with the newly opened Rijks Museum, the destination 'Europe' has always been special among the explorers and I'm not an exception. 

After reaching the dream land Europe (Budapest).  Why Budapest? - for its wild & wide plant-scapes, unrenovated but still trendy atmospheric buildings and beautiful old watering holes. Couldn't be a better eye-smoothing experience for my parents to start their best yet dream tour. 

We would start the day with a walk tour to the historic Castle Hill, followed by Danube cruise to check out the exciting panoramic view of Buda and Pest. We would then go on to enjoy a performance at world's most famous Budapest opera house. After that, I would definitely want Mom and Dad to try the yummy but traditional Hungarian food at the central market mall. I would then take mom and dad to a walk across chain bridge, hungary's parliament building and then take a stroll from Andrassy Avenue towards Heroes Square. The trip would end with the rejuvenating dip in one of most famous Budapest's baths. 



Ankita Singhal said...

Europe is indeed Traveler's heaven!! Nice post.. All the best for the contest :)

Deepan Siddhu said...

Glad you liked it Ankita :-)

arvindpassey said...

Loved the way you presented the pictures... created the collage in photoshop?
All the best for the contest... :)

Arvind Passey

Ragini Puri said...

Europe indeed is one picture perfect destination! Loved the itinerary and the write-up!

Deepan Siddhu said...

Thanks a lot Ragini :-) Glad you loved it.