Schneider Electric - #AGreenerDay - Social Media Campaign Review

Let's have a look at one of the most innovative, engaging and successful social media campaign in recent times - A GreenerDay Everyday . Though this campaign was primarily focused on generating awareness about the product 'Green UPS' by Schneider Electric ITB India, it also played a vital role in spreading the #GoGreen Message throughout the campaign. 

Objective of the Campaign:
To create awareness of the new product 'Green UPS' and to increase the number of fans and engagement in different Social Platforms of Schneider Electric ITB India

Platforms Used for The Campaign:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

Facebook Strategy:
In Facebook, the campaign had the name 'A Greener Day Everyday' and an interactive app under the timeline by the same name. 

Once you click on the app, you will be shown 5 questions (one by one) focused on your green habits (Eco Friendly Habits). For eg. Do you turn of the TV when you sleep? a) No b) Yes c) Sometimes

The app built on a flash platform, had a very smooth interface unlike the other static apps which you come across everyday. Once you answer all the questions, a speedometer kind of tool gives you the score.

The beauty of this app is, it gives a different set of questions everyday. The winners of the contest were announced on the wall regularly. 

The facebook strategy doesn't just end with an app. All the posts during the campaign were circled around encouraging eco-friendly habits among the fans. Few of the posts include

1. Share your favorite Green Celebrity and Win a Schneider Electric Pendrive
2. Name movies and songs which has 'Green in it'
3. Give Five-Eco Friendly Tips

and the list is almost endless. Every post was highly interactive and it was raining pendrives during the campaign. I am sure Schneider would've given away more than 100 odd pendrives and 10-15 Bose Headphones. I won a Pendrive too for sharing a lovely green picture of mine. 

Other Social Platforms:

The Campaign was not just active on Facebook. It drove the traffic to other platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Though the same message was being passed to all the platforms, it was optimized according to the platforms.

For eg. Twitter posts had Hashtags and a link to Pinterest Page, Facebook Posts had the links to Google+ Page and so on. I am sure the campaign was done by a thorough social-media professional.

Many contests happened in the Google+ and Twitter Platforms too. However most of the fans were active only on Facebook. 


By the End of the Campaign, the Facebook Fan Page of Schneider Electric IT Business India grew to a whopping number of 9500 Fans. The engagement ratio was close to 1% throughout the campaign, which is considered to be the best in Industry. The campaign rightly leveraged the eco-friendly concept of 'Go Green' in the form of #AGreenerDay . I am sure the page has got a lot to offer in future.