A Friend Who Has Always Stood Up For Women - #SoldierForWomen

When everyone speaks about a celebrity or a historical figure who has stood up for women at some point of time in their life, I would like to speak about a very close friend of mine. He has always stood up for women, though he was criticized severely for all of his activities focused towards empowering women in the society.

I always wondered that why is he so inclined towards the safety of women or the empowerment of women in the society? He just had a short smile in his face and started sharing his story with me.

When he was about 8, he had to encounter certain situations which involved the hurdles of women in the society. One of his most favorite teachers, who has always been good to students and good at what she does, was believed to be suffered a tragic accident and dead. My friend, as a small kid couldn’t believe this and started enquiring (Like a little CID officer as they show in movies, but here we have a real one) with his little known friends and big fellas around the society. He later figured out that it was not an accident, but a murder committed by the teacher’s husband. No one has come forward to complain this to police as they were worried about the legal factors involved in it. My friend (who was just 8 years old) took the help of his uncle, who is a police official and helped him reveal the actual stuff happened behind the scene. The culprit (Teacher’s husband) has agreed that to have committed the murder, after severe investigations by the Police Department. He also has confirmed, that he has been torturing the Teacher from the day they got married (because it was a marriage of convenience). That’s the day, when my friend realized that women like his teacher cannot come forward to file a complaint against their husbands because of several factors like involvement of family and society. That’s the day; he also decided to help women in such cases in whatever ways and extent possible.

My friend has always been a star. Be it Education, Sports or any other extracurricular activities. You name it; he will be one of the best at it. He just didn’t stop there. He started helping every girl in our home town to become stars. He used to spend time with them, to identify their hidden qualities and potential. He also made sure; they get the right guidance from right people to advance in their career. There are many girls in my home town, who still treat my friend as their God. There are many homes, which has got his picture framed in their wall. He just didn’t stop if after school. He started doing the same, when he joined his college. He was severely criticized by a big group of girls in my college initially because they thought that he was trying to be a hero or a leader. However they later realized, he is not just another person who does something for publicity or a news mention.

Even today, when a girl faces any problem, my friend will be the first person to stand for them. He gets hundred of E-mails, messages and phone calls from the girls who faces problem every day in our society. He spends a portion of his time every day, dedicated to responding to all these calls and taking the appropriate action. He might not have been featured in a TV Show or a newspaper or a leading magazine, he will always stay in the heart of women fraternity in our hometown, Palani(Tamil Nadu).

Though he has got several job opportunities from MNC’s across the globe, he didn’t accept it. He believes in empowering the society and educating the people will result in changing the fate of our country. That’s the only reason; he has taken the position of ‘Assistant Professor’ in an Engineering College near Karur (Tamil Nadu).

It would be a shame, if I don’t mention his name here. He is Mr. V.M. Vijay Kannan. If you conduct a survey today in the district of Dindigul (Tamil Nadu), on the man who has always stood up for women? Mr. Vijay Kannan’s name would be popped out from the mouths of many women over there without a second thought.

I’m really proud to have met a person like him in my life. Hope he continues his services for several more years and create more personalities like him in the society. He is undoubtedly a #SoldierForWomen.

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