An Interview with a Celebrity Hair Stylist

It was a breezy evening in Mumbai. I had to rush for my flight to Bangalore which was supposed to depart at 7PM. I finished my check-in procedures and was waiting for my flight. That's when they announced the flight got delayed by an hour. I just roamed around, fiddled up with my smartphone, grabbed a cup of cold coffee and was thinking of what to do for an hour. 

A beautiful lady sat next to me and gave me a smile. I gave one in return too. She introduced herself as Meena Mehta, a hair stylist who has worked with several celebrities in Bollywood. Though I never had much knowledge , I always had this fantasy to explore more about beauty and fashion industry. I used this as an opportunity and started conversing with her. It was a normal conversation though, I would like to put it in an interview Q&A format here. 

Who is your most favorite star from your experiences with them?
I've been working in this industry for the past 15 years. In my tenure, I've worked with a lot of people and I don't want to say someone is better than others. As you know, if the star likes the hair style, we tend to move in well and have some nice conversations like a friend. But when it's out of the game, it's actually the other way around. I've had experiences where I had to redo the styling for more than 13-15 times for a star because she didn't like it. We will have to work in tandem with associate directors, to get the style done according the context of scene going to be pictured. However, the styles goes in favor of the star especially when they are big (she smiles sarcastically)

What is the process you go through when styling someone for a big event like Filmfare?
It's always difficult to hair style a star, especially when  they go for an event or a star studded show. They would actually want to stand out from the crowd and make a style statement. Even the fans look forward to it. Their favorite star coming up with new hair style and they follow the trend from there. That's how it works. The style depends upon the clothing they choose to wear. There's a lot which goes through your mind to figure out an apt hair style for that particular clothing. It just cannot be explained in words. 

What is that you enjoy about your work?
The main thing I enjoy about my work is the interaction with the directors and actors about the story line. I usually go through the story board and come up with different suggestions of what needs to go where. After all, it is gonna be their look which brings life to the characters. When the character resembles a real life customer (For eg. If the actor plays the role of a doctor and I actually have a customer who is doctor), it is very easy for you. You can bring the real life character into the picture and make the whole crew happy. 

What is favorite ramp ready hair style? 
Athena Braid  & Messy Updo are my most favorite hair styles and they are also the ones I suggest for ramps. They are easy but effective. They definitely gather attention, be it a formal or an informal meeting or an event. And definitely goes well for a ramp. 

I also asked her about the brands she use and suggest for the stars she worked with. Though she came  up with some 5-6 brands, for which she says it is based on the situation, much of the emphasis was given to the brand TreSemme. That's when I remembered the sample I received from TreSemme a week back and that's when I decided to write a blog on it. . I didn't use the shampoo and conditioner though. A friend of mine, who is a big lover of TreSemme ( just grabbed it out of my hand, as soon as I opened it. 

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