A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

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When do children start making independent decisions their lifestyle is concerned? I guess it's SCHOOL. Having a very healthy life style during childhood will have long term advantages. Children consuming variety of nutritious food lead to their healthy living. Food containing excess sugar and fat should be consumed only occasionally as part of a healthy diet plan. Healthy eating doesn't just help in sharpening the brains and stabilizing the energy but also in transforming the moods of the children. 

I'm sure many would agree with me the meal time with children is a battle zone for parents. Getting kids to eat healthy food is becoming increasingly impossible these days. Courtesy: The heavy investments of Junk food manufacturers in TV commercials between the programs which are most likely to be watched by kids these days. However we all have to agree it's now or never. By cultivating the habit of healthy eating among children, we can make a huge impact in their life long relationship with food and help them to grow into confident and healthy adults. 

Source: Freepik
A child develops a natural preference towards the foods he/she enjoys the most. One of the greatest challenges for the parents these days it to make a healthy food choice appealing to their kids. No matter what, it's always going to be difficult for a parent to convince a five year old that an apple is as sweet as a candy. In any case, a parent while allowing the children their favorite treats should ensure the child's diet is wholesome and nutritious at the possible level. 

Have you heard of the US's first lead Michelle Obama's 'My Plate' initiative? It simplifies the healthy eating concept with a dinner plate divided into four different pieces grains and proteins comprising one half and with vegetables & fruits comprising the other half of the plate.

Below are few ideas to encourage healthy eating habits among kids

Be creative with your presentation - Offer your kids a colorful combination of berries and fruits in their favorite cartoon character embedded designed plate

Try to have fun in the kitchen with the kids - A research says if the children know how to cook, they become a little too adventurous when it comes to eating the same. The activity can start with giving the kids some small tasks to help you in the kitchen. As they grow older, you can trust them to  prepare breakfast or dinner once in a while. You can also try enrolling your kids in cookery classes during their summer holidays

Eat together whenever you get a chance - It's always tempting to eat while reading a magazine or watching TV. However it's always a good habit to encourage the kids to eat with you. This doesn't just improve their healthy eating habits but their social skills too

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Try including Dabur Chyawanprash in your kids' diet plan. A right mix of ayurvethic brew in their brew stimulate natural killer cells meanwhile strengthening the kids' natural defensive mechanism. 

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