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I'm gonna share a true story of one of my best friends. He was a software engineer and she was a editor with a fashion magazine. One would always wonder how they ended up together considering their socio-economic status, education, lifestyle and their family environment were completely different. However as they said 'Love is eternal'. Fate brought them together despite the opposition from both their families. 
They loved each other so much that one could easily say 'Only death could break them apart'. They were a kind of couple who always believed and said even death couldn't break them apart. In my opinion, love is like a rubber band and a married love is stretching it. Few of my friends always had a feeling, that their relationship isn't gonna last, as both of their lifestyles were totally different. My friend was kind of sensitive and possessive guy, whereas the girl was the other way around. She was very open, had more of guy friends than girl friends in her life. In her line of work, she always had to work with men coupled with improper work shifts and my friend wasn't very pleased with it. But both of them were well aware of this, during their relationship they always made it clear that one shouldn't talk about others' work as long as it doesn't hurt any one of them. 

I also remember the conversation my friend had with me the day he proposed her. He held her hand and told her that he would never ever leave her under any circumstances. He assured her that he can be someone she can depend on; he would be someone to turn to when she has problems. I had conversed several times with the girl and I always had a very strong opinion that they are made for each other. 

They both lived a very happy married life for two years until that day. It was the problem that they once promised that would never to be discussed. My friend had issues with his boss at office and was going through a tough phase in his career. The girl had emotional issues with her parents asking her to leave my friend and come back to them. They both weren't having very good conversations. It turned out, my friend started avoiding going back to home. He started putting extra hours at office, which again didn't turn out to be very beneficial for him, as he wasn't able to put his best foot forward at work. He once promised her that he would always be there when she had problems but he wasn't there when she needed him the most. It lead to a point where they stopped talking to each other. 

As a friend, I just wasn't able to see this. Once an inspirational couple for me, is not together anymore. A very hard fact to digest. I decided to step in to resolve this. I haven't had much experience dealing with couples before. I read a lot of articles, visited lot of family counselors and took a hell load of advice from elders I knew of. An uncle of mine told, this is a very common issue among everyone who ever got married. He also told it's just a matter of time they come back together. They definitely can't live without each other if they really had loved each other. That turned be one of the best tips I've ever heard in my life. I dug up a bunch of old photographs of my friends' and his wife together. I printed it out and framed it. Since i always had the privilege of entering their home any time, I fixed a time when both of them are out. I decorated their entire home with the photos of theirs. I did love my work towards the end. I also learnt that day I could be an interior decorator :)

I called both of them personally and told them they've a surprise waiting for them when they reach home. My friend thought his wife had planned for something and she thought my friend had planned for something. I managed to make both of them enter their home at the same time. They both entered and couldn't believe themselves. Both of them thought it was the other who had come down, made all these arrangements to reach a compromise. He held her hand, apologized for what happened and told her that he would keep his promise of never leaving her again, she leaned on his shoulders and cried for about 10 minutes. They hugged each other and I left the home without telling them anything. 

Though they came to know that it was me behind all this, it was just that MOMENT which rekindled all their memories and brought them back together. It's been 6 years now and they was never a day they didn't talk to or look at each other. 

Though I played a main character here, it was the couple themselves who brought back their touch. 

Watch the video here to see how Nimrat and Parambrata #BringBackTheTouch. 

Thanks to Parachute Advansed for believing in this -

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