Reviewing Lucky 6 by Fat Cat - An Innovative Mobile Gaming App

Lucky 6 is an innovative gaming concept by Fat Cat gaming company that claims to threaten the way traditional lottery is played. 

The reason I said it's innovative is because unlike traditional lottery where you will be betting on numbers, you can bet on brands you like with Lucky 6. The users can win real cash which is payable immediately. The company completely believes in 'Referral' as they've given an option for the user to earn money, when one of his/her friends win. This technique is sure to get more number of users in a very quick time. 

The app isn't available on Play store yet but the users will be able to download the app from the Fat Cat - official website

The user interface of the app is extremely user friendly and a great pleasure to use. The colors are eye-pleasing. The registration process is quite simple. The user need to give an e-mail ID, Nick Name, Referrer (If any) and the 5 Digit Passcode (This will remain the password to access your Fat Cat account)

The screenshot below is how the login screen look like. Fat Cat has tried to reduce the number of clicks by the user, which is quite  brilliant. All you need to do is, give your e-mail ID and punch in your 5 Digit pass code, you are in. 

The Lucky 6 also has an interactive quiz game, as soon as the user logs in. 

The Quiz App is again extremely simple to use. All the user need to do is, select the app, answer a questions and done. 


Let's now have a look at the core game. Trust me, this would be the most easiest online lottery game you might've ever played in your life. 

To play this, you've to click on 'Lucky 6' in their login screen and you will able to see a huge list of brands in alphabetical order. Select 6 of your brands by clicking on the '+' button next to it and you are done. Yes you heard that right! You are done :)

Once you submit your choices, you will be taken to 'My tickets' section, where you'll be see the status of your predictions (A score will be assigned to you). The top 6 scorers every day win either cash or luxury holidays. Ain't that awesome? 

The user can never be lost during the game, as there are clear set of instructions in every stage of game. There are detailed tutorials with eye pleasing screenshots and texts underneath it. 

Just like most of the android apps, Lucky 6 by Fat Cat has a menu on it's life side where a user would be able to edit profile, check his/her selections & tickets, Leaderboard, How to play and also an option to go back to 'QuizApp' any time. 

We all know sharing is caring but at the same time, it can be beneficial too with the help of Lucky 6 by Fat Cat. The user get to increase his/her chance of winning when they introduce a friend to this app. And every time their friends win, they win too. That sounds a lot of fun. 

Overall, i thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It's the one of the most user friendliest gaming apps available out there and one of the smartest options to earn easy money. 

Download this awesome Android/iOS app here -


Abhijit K said...

Thanks for sharing the review deepan. Sounds like a great app. Will give it a try today.

Divya Choudhary said...

That's indeed an innovative app!