Dell Partners With INK2014

Technology has changed the way we live our lives and this is especially prevalent in Emerging economies  where technology has been a huge game changer. We can now, perhaps for the first time connect with parts of the country that were previously foreign to us through the internet, social media and portable devices that allow for connectivity anywhere.

Technology- whether mobile or digital has allowed businesses and individuals to expand their worlds and in a sense, has allowed them to go Beyond Boundaries. The concept of a global economy and society is no longer a pipe dream but a reality we have adjusted to seamlessly. Here the Emerging Economy plays a vital role in ideas, innovation and production.

The INKTalks is a cross-section and celebration of these Emerging Economies. And this year, Dell India, one of the leading technology solution providers in the country has partnered with INKtalks, an organization which aims to inspire youth, particularly in emerging economies on the INK2014 Conference – Beyond Boundaries. This collaboration was born out of Dell’s dedicated focus towards technology as an enabler of growth- both personal and professional.

The conference is in Mumbai at the Grand Hyatt from 31 Oct – 2 Nov in Mumbai. The INK conference has always been known for its exciting ideas, milestones and ideas about future innovations.  This 3-day conference brings together some of the world’s biggest and brightest visionaries, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists and scientists for a cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge transfer. You can find all the details of the program, speakers and the schedule here -

Here is a short video on INK Conference to give you a preview of INK2014, along with some glimpses of the past conferences!

Looking forward to some intense and mind boggling talks by the speakers and meeting some interesting people at the conference. Definitely one of the most exciting conferences of the year!

Don’t miss Dell’s Session on How to Create a Brand on Social Media on 1st November between 3 and 4pm!   
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