#CloudBlogathon - I Wish My College Had...

First of all, I would like to thank the Microsoft Team ( Mr. Ram Kumar and Mr. Tarun Malik) and the Indiblogger Team for putting up a wonderful event in the name of #CloudBlogathon at The Tower Kitchen (UB City, Bangalore) on 2nd June, 2013. 

I've attended several Indiblogger Meets in the past, but I would rate #CloudBlogathon as the best. There are several reasons for me to say this. Few of them being
  • Amazing Theme (It was not totally a 'Product Gyaan' Event. They had some wonderful activities for the Bangalore Blogger Fraternity as well)
  • Best Venue of the City (The Tower Kitchen which is located on the 16th Floor of UB City. You could see almost the entire Bangalore from up there). We were almost touching the cloud. I guess, the Microsoft team has intentionally selected this venue which is closely relevant to the theme #CloudBlogathon .Sensible!!!
  • Wonderful Insights shared by Ram and Tarun of Microsoft (On how the student community can be benefited out of Office365). Man, they were highly talented. No wonder, Microsoft has hired them. They were able to answer sensibly for almost every question shot at them. I specially liked the discussion on Individual and Organization's Productivity. 
  • Blogger - Fun Activities (I am sure everyone had a nice time playing around). Do have a look at the images attached towards the end of this blog. 
End of the event, all the bloggers were given an opportunity to write a blog based on the theme 'What you wish you had in your school or college, and how it would have helped you'. The theme itself will give you an idea how sensible Microsoft is. 

Almost all the brands which conduct blogger meets, request you to blog about their product or service but look at the theme Microsoft has given us. Top Notch :-) That shows the confidence of Microsoft because if you think of anything you wish you had in your school or college, most of us would think of a pain point related to technological aspects which would have saved us time, effort and money. And you know what? Microsoft Office365 is a software package capable of overcoming all those pain-points in style. Great!! Let me get to the point. Here are few things I wish I had during my school and college days. 

Cloud Services: 

Like almost everyone, I hated to carry my bags filled with books and notes. I've always thought, how good will it be if I've everything in my mobile device? Glance through references with a click, penning down notes in my mobile and lot more, which would've saved a lot of my time and effort. Look at the power of cloud now. You can save almost any amount of data virtually and access it anywhere and anytime. How cool is that? In fact  I'm angry with Microsoft for not introducing this amazing product a little earlier. I could hear Microsoft saying, It's not too late now!! :-P Yes, I want to go back to college to get my basics right :-D

Business E-mails: 

How do you think we've been communicating electronically during our college days? We've created 'n' number of Gmail and Yahoo Email ID's for our communication purposes. How unprofessional was that? Though we placed a request to our college management for business E-mail IDs, they turned down the request immediately claiming that it would cost them a lot of money creating E-mail ID's for each and every student. They cannot say this now. Can they? With Office365 you can create unlimited number of business E-mail IDs within seconds. Another cool feature of the product. 

Virtual Class-rooms: I hated my class room sessions for variety of reasons. I've always thought, how cool it would be, if I listen to the class from my room or a garden or from a library with references around? Though I didn't want to miss out any sessions, I hated the closed room with 40-50 peers sitting around. Conventional Education System. Huh? 

Instant Messaging: 

I desperately missed this amazing feature during my college days at different situations. During our lab sessions, with the faculty not around in case of any doubts, how cool it would've been if I had to just send an IM to him/her and get my doubts cleared? I had to follow the traditional process of finding out the lecturer, inviting him to the lab and get my doubts cleared. Look at how much of time I've wasted during my college days. Damn!! I would've got selected in Microsoft, if I had spent those time productively. 

As I said, if I had Office365 during my college days I would've not faced any of those troubles mentioned above. Just have a look on what Office365 has got in its kitty -

The above mentioned features are just a part of Office365 package. To know more about how Office 365 can help your educational Institution, Click Here

To summarize it as a whole, Office365 is a must have tool of any educational institution for its amazing set of features at an affordable price. 

Office365 has got an amazing Blogger Contest running for Students. Winning students can make their way for a 4-Week Virtual Mentorship at Microsoft and also can win some amazing prices. For more details, Visit CloudBlogathon's Official Website

Once again, I thank team Microsoft and Indiblogger for an amazing Sunday. 

Product Features - Office 365 (Microsoft)
Other Images - Indiblogger, Sxc.Hu (Royalty Free)



Devesh Gupta said...

I have gone through Office365 Website. It sounds like a really good product. Will recommend it for sure.

Deepan Siddhu said...

No doubt about it, Devesh. It's indeed an amazing product by Microsoft.

Kritika214 said...

Missed it this time. However the features of Office365 looks good and it's undoubtedly a product a vision. Good one Microsoft

A Sengupta said...

Office365 is an excellent product with unlimited number of features and possibilities. It looks like Microsoft is trying to promote it hard but these kind of products doesn't need any promotion, in my humble opinion.

Deepan Siddhu said...

@ASengupta, Any product needs a marketing push at the beginning. i guess that's why Microsoft has done this meet. I am sure the WOM Factor for this product is going to be spell bounding.

TheShailu97 said...

The Tower Kitchen? You must have enjoyed the meet then....

Lilly Mac said...

I would say, everything you can expect from a software package is there with Office365. I am sure you loved the meet and the product.

Deepan Siddhu said...

@TheShailu97 & @LillyMac - Yes I did love the meet and the product :-)