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A vacation is all about fun and happiness. And when it's with your kids, the experience just can't be described in words. From my experience of going to several vacations as a father, I would like to share few tips which might help fellow parents to make their vacation with kids, a pleasant experience. 

I'm not gonna relax:

We might have seen few movies where kids are extremely well-behaved and listen to their parents by being calm and following instructions. I'm certainly aware of the fact, my vacations are not gonna be like that for at least 20 years, till they become an adult. Gone are the vacations I went just to relax. This vacation I'm planning with my kids will be filled with fun, with me just doing what the kids expect me to do. Dance with them in the rain, play foot ball in the beach, wave my hands at them when they go on a happy fun ride, eat an ice cream in the middle of the night and a lot more. 

Shipping the supplies ahead of time:

This is my favorite tip for all the parents like me and especially if you're one among those who fly to your vacation destinations. None of us want want our suitcase jammed completely with snacks, diapers, wipers and toys right on the day of our journey right? It's always better to check with the hotel we're gonna stay and ship the packages little ahead of time, so that you can make optimum use of space in the luggage on day of the travel. 

Try not to fly if you've naughty kids:

Though I always prefer to fly, it's not advisable for folks who've got naughty kids who tend to get little cranky and shout in air planes when their demands are not fulfilled. Road trips are great in those cases and kids do love road trips. If air trip is something that can't be avoid, be sure to carry lot of snacks, toys, iPad loaded with their favorite movies or whatever it to takes to keep them engaged. 

Stay at a nice and kid friendly place:

As an unmarried bachelor, it's good to stay at beach shacks or a cost effective motel. However if you plan for a vacation with kids, it's better to choose a nice, cozy and a kid friendly hotel. I usually choose hotels with lot of outdoor/indoor games for kids and toddler pool is a mandate. If the climatic condition isn't suitable to roam around, this option would keep the kids engaged and your vacation will not disappoint them, after all a good vacation is about everyone being together having a good time at one place.

Don't worry if the kid doesn't like the place:

It has happened to me quite a few times. We tend to get over board some times, if the kids doesn't like the vacation all of the sudden, after we've put in quite a lot of effort to arrange it. It's completely okay if they don't like it, as few kids might not get adjusted to a new place quickly. Figure out something which your kids love the most. It could be just walking down the road or eating an ice cream or just playing a game of cricket inside the room. I'm sure the kids will appreciate the effort you're taking to keep them engaged. 

Do dress up your kid:

Just like us, kids would love to dress up nicely in a place. I've tried it quite a few times and it has worked out pretty well. A cow boy costume isn't a bad idea for your baby boy on a vacation right? Try different costumes and leave the choice to your kid to freeze the final option. 

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Good one Deepan!

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Very nicely written. Thanks for the tips.

Lux Naren said...

Haha. Loved the points. Didn't know you write on parenting too. Keep going :)