My Airbnb Wish List: The Top 5 Most Interesting Places I Would Like To Visit

Airbnb is the one of the most trusted community market places, where one can discover, list and also book unique accommodations around the world right from their mobile phone or online. At Airbnb, you will find a lot of beautiful places which you might've seen only in movies and won't be able to find on any other accommodation booking websites. I just created my Airbnb wish list of the top 5 most interesting places I would like to visit in 2014. Let's explore

Sleep In A Bus - Uschi The Bus: 

Source: Airbnb
Sleeping in a vintage bus close to a beach has always been on top of my wish list. I totally fell in love with this 1954 Vintage Boho Bus based in Ibiza, San Rafael, Balearic Islands, Spain. The bus does not just sport a great vintage design but also comes with all the amenities enough to take someone through a wild and adventurous trip. The hosts are kind enough to allow us to put the bus in a favorite secret beach of ours with mind blowing ocean side views and a location where you can view the best sunset at Ibiza. It also comes decorated with flowers & champagne to make it special for the lovers who would like a memorable romantic night. You can also ask for a sail boat or power boat to take your special ones through the amazing waters. 

Fairytale Cottages - Jack Sparrow House, Cornwall:

Source: Airbnb
This amazing cabin is located at Helston, England, United Kingdom. The sweeping sea and the beautiful countryside view is sure to make one's holiday relaxing and memorable. Enjoying the spectacular view of sunset over the fields of Tregaminion is comparable only to the heaven and nothing else in this world. The stunning coastal scenery and the unspoilt fishing villages would be very ideal for my favorite list of activities like Sailing, Surfing & Cycling.

North American Tree Houses - Secluded Intown Treehouse:

Source: Airbnb
This beautiful and dream cottage is located at Wilson Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA, United States. This is the most romantic, beautiful, unique, dreamy and relaxing place and hence takes the Rank 2 in my wish list. The tree house comes with 3 separate rooms connected by rope bridges and hence ideal for my dream family trip. The hosts also welcome you with a bottle of wine and a basket of local snacks. This completely justifies the kind of hospitality you'll receive at the secluded intown treehouse. 

Modern European Villas - Architect house with Jacuzzi:

Source: Airbnb
Rank 4 in my Airbnb wishlist goes to the architect house located at Rue de Losquedic, Plougoulm, Brittany, France. This beautiful and stylish architect house built in 2010 is sure to give anyone comfort, peace and tranquility. The hosts are also kind to arrange a lot of recreational activities like Horse riding, boat trips, sailing, swimming, tennis, golf and a lot more very close to where you stay. If I get to stay here, I will also be staying pretty close to a lot eye-pleasing places like the isle of wight, dossen, the bay of morlaix and Roscoff. Adding to that, the architect house comes with a beautiful Jacuzzi. Do I have to tell anything more about this? :)

Oui, Oui Paris - Duplex Saint Germain des Près:

Source: Airbnb
The Duplex Saint Germain des Près-Paris located at Paris, Île-de-France, France occupies Rank No.5 in my Airbnb wishlist. This large & beautiful apartment is situated on the top two floors of a tall building constructed in hausmanian style. The apartment comes with 3 cosy rooms making it ideal for my dream family trip. The apartment is constructed in such a way to ensure the holiday is quite and peaceful with double sun exposition and an amazing view of the beautiful Paris. 

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Chitra Kashyap said...

Such a beautiful article with great pics. good going deepan.

Kishore Kumar said...

Beautiful scenes and thanks for me letting me know about airbnb. Will definitely give it a try

Ravitej said...

Indeed a wishlist. M stealin some of your choices Deepan :-)

Anonymous said...

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Billy Joel said...

Those places really look amazing and I had never seen that place in my lifetime waiting to take part in Airbnb in order to visit that beautiful place.
Josiah Declan

Peter John said...


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