Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai: Rise Above Fear

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The nature of a human being is very complex. At times of danger, men and women have learned to be courageous, strong and competitive. If history has taught us one thing, we can reach our goals by conquering fear as long as our desire, conviction and will are present. 

We've overcome the hardships of natural disasters and war from years. However there's one natural fear that overshadows most of us: THE FEAR OF REJECTION. I did suffer from the fear of rejection during my early 20s. This instinctive emotion hinders & paralyzes us from doing the things we want to do from our heart but can't. For instance, I had this crazy crush for a  cute girl, when I was 20. However I was too concerned with the fear of rejection rather than asking her out. I never asked her out and we had to part ways to better our career. 3 years later, I came to know through a common friend that she also had a thing for me. We connected on Facebook and I asked her about it. She did agree and asked me 'Why didn't I ask her out'. It was too late then, as she's gotten married at that time :)

Almost the same kind of incident happened when I was 21. I got an opportunity to give an interview for an amazing start-up (One of my dream companies). I did well and was waiting for a response. Since I didn't hear from them for almost 30 days, I decided to take up another job offer which wasn't in my list of dream companies. 3 months later, I happened to meet the recruiting manager for the job and asked the reason, why was I rejected despite doing the interview extremely well. She then told, the job required me to actively reach out to the recruiters for the status and hence they didn't go ahead with my recruitment process. Since I feared rejection, I didn't reach out which cost the opportunity of working for my dream company. 

At some point of time, I did realize I've got this fear of rejection and the same is spoiling multiple opportunities coming in my way. The person who helped me through this process and overcome my fear is none other than my Dad. He hit the nail on my head when he told me the number of times I made a complete fool of myself were more than the number of times I didn't try something out of fear. He helped me understand that I fear rejection because I think I'm lowering my self-esteem. Everyone in this life face rejection very often. It starts right from child hood, when you asked for an ice cream when you had fever and you mother denied it. So it's not bad as you think it is. Sometimes it's good because you learn what's right and what's not. 

I'm happy I got this advice at the very early stages of my life. I started being more optimistic, trying things out without worrying about the outcome, keeping myself around optimistic people all the time and learnt to handle things maturely instead of being depressed about it. 

It's a no-brainer that one has to take risks to succeed in their life. As long as you fear, you're never going to be successful. 

I can overcome my fears. Can you? Watch this short film by Mountain Dew to get inspired

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Sunitha Ghosh said...

Agreed we have to take risks to succeed. Otherwise no point

Spandana K said...

Nicely written article

Swati Sharma said...

Great write up. really motivational.

Lalit Gondal said...

I loved the Dew film. Saw the same in Hindi version as well. Equally stunning. Thank you for sharing.