KFC Social Responsibility - Management project

KFC is one of the hangout spot in hyderabad which I visit often with my friends. KFC which is located in Hitech City, Hyderabad is our regular spot. On sunday evening, we were not even able to enter into the Hitech city's KFC outlet, which had a huge gathering of people on that particular day. So I was forced to choose some other place. We then went to KFC which is located in Cinemax, banjara hills.

All the employees of KFC were wearing a different T-shirt which had 'I support WORLD HUNGER RELIEF 2011'. I thought initially, its some sort of marketing activity which KFC has taken now. I've been a terrific follower of KFC's marketing activities which I always find quite different when compared to other food chains in the world. I think that's the main reason for KFC's success throughout the world, though many competitors arise and vanishes away in that particular food segment.

Usually the employees of KFC wear a T-shirt which has the design 'I am a student of Lickonomics' 'finger lickin s good' and so. I was surprised to see the new one 'I support world hunger relief'. I suddenly noticed the employees were communicating through 'SIGN' language(generally followed by people who are not able to speak and hear).

I then went to order for us. When I started ordering as usual, the guy in the counter said that 'He cant speak and  hear'. He showed me a menu, which had all the items and asked me to point out. I showed him 'what I wanted'. To be frank, he was really faster than the one who is able to speak and hear. I was stunned seeing them. They were very fast and got the work done among them just using the 'sign' language. I had a strange feeling inside my heart at that moment.

Starting from the counter to the guy who cleans, KFC has replaced all their existing employees with the people who are challenged with their speaking and hearing ability. The guys are trained to their perfection and really fast in the work. I then spoke with the manager and asked about this. He said 'its part of KFC's social responsibility management project' and it spends a huge amount on training these people and getting them employed in their outlets all over the world. 

When people who just speaks 'blah, blah' about their brand(who really haven't achieved anything so far) in hyderabad, I just had to salute KFC's( which is one of the world's top most brands) efforts in training and employing these physically challenged people in their outlets. I literally got motivated at the moment when I saw their efforts. I suddently felt (Siddhu, really u haven't achieved anything in this world). I felt ashamed of myself. I just went to them, gave them a hug and handshake. I felt little bit good. Even the employees of KFC felt really happy, when I gave them a handshake. One of them literally cried and I was not able to control myself(few tears came out of eyes without my control).

This is one such feeling which we come across hardly in our life. I felt happy, I had this situation in the earlier stages of my life. The people in KFC will not accept any money, if you give them. They've a seperate option when you bill. You can donate whatever you feel. God has given us everything. Why cant we help? That moment I've decided to help people like them who are willing to come up in their life.

I salute KFC for its efforts in training and employing physically challenged people, as part of their corporate social responsibilities. I really haven't seen KFC is advertising what they are doing. People who try cheap marketing stunts and who search for cheap publicity 'Please learn from KFC'. This is one reason, KFC is one of the most powerful brands of the world.
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