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The movie 'Panja' a pawan kalyan starrer, is on news ever since people heard that power star is teaming up with kollywood ace director Vishnuwardan (known for his stylish film making) and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja.

The movie starts with a power dialogue and after showing pawan kalyan as a sharp gangster working under 'Bhagwan' (pawan is called as bhagwan's shadow by the opposite gang and i feel thats the reason for the movie to be named as 'The shadow' and later on changed to 'Panja'). Power star mesmerizes the audience with his stylish looks, with an apt beard, suit, a branded sunglass and other such necessities of a high profile gangster.

Pawan saves and helps Bhagwan because of the helping hand given by Bhagwan, when Pawan was left all alone in Kolkata losing his mother and sister. Bhagwan wants pawan to be a shadow to his son, as he was like to him. Pawan promises and the story rolls on. However, all the other in the gang is unhappy with Bhagwan's son because of his behavior. Due to some unexpected circumstances, Bhagwan's son kills pawan's long time friend 'Janavi' (who is a club dancer and wants pawan kalyan to marry her for a long time). Janavi is simply amazing with her sexy looks and dance moves in 'Veyira, chei veyira' (the song which comes in start of the movie). When she was brutally beaten to death, she makes us feel pity about her and lauded with her performance. In return, Pawan kills Bhagwan's son which makes Bhagwan to search for pawan and kill him.

The first half is a roller coaster ride depicting pawan as a gangster, a smart lover boy trying to romance 'Sarah Jane' in few scenes, few high profile stunt scenes and few songs. In the second half, pawan goes to sarah jane's village in andhra pradesh. There he saves sarah jane, both fall in love. Brahmananadam as 'Papparayudu' is making everyone laugh with his humour. Later on the film ends up pawan destroying the whole gang of his enemies.

Power star carries the movie in his shoulder with style and powerful one-liner. His one-liner gets goosebumps like 'sahayam cheyalani anukunna vadu karanalu chudadu' and so many. Yuvan's background score is amazing and songs already being a hit from the day's its been released. Though few stunts were illogical, they just move on with the powerful screen play and direction by 'Vishnuvardan'. The movie assures repeated audience for its powerful screenplay and direction, song making and for the 'power star'.

Watch 'Panja' multiple times if you are die-hard fan of 'Pawan' and once if you expect a decent entertainer after a long time in tollywood. Ne chura chura chupule panjaa...(dont just leave the hall if u see the end tag, coz u will miss power star shaking his legs for 'panja theme song' at the end of the movie)

My rating: 3.5/5 (3 for pawan kalyan and 0.5 for the rest)
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