'3' - Movie Review

Finally the wait is over. The 'Why this kolaveri di' movie has hit the silver screens today. The movie '3' has been released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi after huge expectations circled around. Thanks to the worldwide hit song which has reduced most of the marketing costs for the movie.

To be very precise, '3' is a psychological thriller cum romantic movie with some eyebrow raising performances all over. '3' speaks about 3 different phases in a couple's life (School, Before marriage and after marriage).

The movie '3' has national award winning actor 'Dhanush', Sruthi Haasan and few more persons like Prabhu, Banupriya, Shiva Karthikeyan to name with. The movie opens with a shocking sequence of a Funeral which is none other than the hero's. The story starts with immature love between Dhanush and Sruthi accompanied by comic stunts performed by Vijay TV Fame 'Shiva karthikeyan'(Note: this guy is here in silver screen to give some splendid performances). The first half shows the love of the couple, getting married in a pub against their parents and residing in a flat. The Interval block has been handled well with a suspense.

The second half is a psychological thriller which noone might have expected while watching the first half. Dhanush carries the second half of the movie in his shoulders. I seriously doubt if there is someone other than Dhanush who can perform this role with so ease. The actor makes us applaud and cry in many scenes by his expressions and performance throughout the movie. Sruthi is beautiful and has performed much better than her previous performance in awful Surya starrer '7am arivu(7th sense)'. Shiva karthikeyan, though comes in few scenes in first half has done exceptionally well with his one liners. We might expect another 'Santhanam' in pipeline. The total acting crew has done well with their roles. 

The romantic scenes between the couple has been pictured well without flaws. The scenes make the audiences feel like 'Yes, I've faced this situation before'. The cinematographer and the make up artist has done well to make the audience clearly distinguish between the different phases of the movie.  The concept of 'bipolar disorder' in second half has been handled with much care and special applause goes for that.

Let me not forget about 'Why this kolaveri' song. The song comes at the right time and has been pictured in a simple manner amidst already being a world wide hit. The other songs in the movie comes at the right time and out of which 'poo nee poo' stands out as a superb melody. The young debutant music director 'Anirudh' has done exceptionally well in background scores. He might become another 'Yuvan Shankar Raja' if he continues to learn and perform like this. 

Aishwarya as a debutant director has done well getting the most from her crew. Leaving few negative sequences of the movie, we can say that she can become one of the promising directors in Kollywood. 

The movie might resemble Dhanush's previous movie 'Mayakkam Enna' in few sequences(the friend of dhanush also being the same guy), despite '3' has some spell-bounding performances, awesome screenplay, a different story and a very matured direction.

We cannot talk about that this movie will become a super hit unless and until we hear more reviews from the audiences around the world.  I am very positive about the movie's result among tamil audiences however not very sure about the success of the movie in Hindi and Telugu because most of the audiences over there expect happy endings and much more commercial elements in the movie.

My rating: 4/5
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