Racha - Review

This year's one of the most awaited movies Mega power Star's 'RACHA' has been released today with huge expectations. There is no doubt that this movie has received a grand opening across all centres. The crowd outside Prasad IMAX (though the no of shows are more than 25) is a solid proof to validate the point of expectation among the fans of 'Mega Family'.

'Racha' is strictly for Mega Fans to be very precise. Unless and until you are a hardcore masala movie fan, which has the lead hero bashing hundreds of baddies, romancing with the sexy heroine, heavy dance moves for the songs, challenging the villain and beating him every moment and finally a happy ending climax, you will not have any special moments with 'Racha'.

The mega plus of the movie is the mega power star, who sizzles the audience with his screen presence. His acting skills has been improving for every movie and it is evident in 'Racha'. It is not easy for a hero who just has 3 movies in his kitty (which includes one of the record breaking movie 'magadheera'), to wear the hat of 'commercial elements'. Cherry does it with so ease. His dialogue delivery is quite good when compared to the heroes who are competing for the same position. The movie has many punch dialogues which will surely create goosebumps for ANTI-B Fans. Some of them includes 'Urke thoda kotti matlade vamsam kadu ra nadi' which will surely get more number of claps by Mega Fans.

Speaking about the story, there is not much. The as usual masala movie with hero getting his parents killed from the villain and taking up on him, when he is grown up. The interval block has been handled well. The director has tried to add up so much of twists into the movie, but finally ended up failing. Anyone including a kid can easily predict what is going to happen next. I really wonder why 'Cherry' has chosen such a story when his career is at the peak moment. 

The other performances include Milky Beauty 'Tamanna', Ali, Venu, Thagubodhu Ramesh, Brahmanandam etc. The comedy crew makes us laugh whenever they come across. Ajmal('Rangam' Fame)  as a betting mate for the hero impresses with his performance. Tamanna is exceptionally beautiful in this movie and has given some decent performance. Nothing to speak about villain (We have been watching such kind of villains for more than 25 years). As usual, the whole villain crew is stupid and keeps on shouting throughout the movie. Whenever hero challenges the heroine, in order to become her lover, it looks completely illogical. However it may attract B&C Centre Audiences.

The songs already being a hit, has been pictured well with some good indoor decor work. However, the background score doesn't impresses us too much. You mega fans out there, if you are looking for a glimpse of 'Mega star' in the movie, please dont leave the theatre after the climax immediately. Watch the end credits of the movie to get a glimpse of him.

Verdict: Good Opening

People Talk: Strictly for Mega Fans

My Rating: 2.5/5
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