Cafe4Tune - A revolution in Social Media?

It's been a long break. Isn't it? Now I'm back to blogging. From this moment, I've decided to write a minimum of 5 blogs per month.

Facebook? Twitter? Myspace? Tumblr ? Pinterest? This is what we've been hearing for quite a while, whenever someone speaks about social Media. However do you think they are gonna stay for a long time? I don't think so. Few years back we've been discussing 'Orkut' is an addiction but now the kids doesn't even know what Orkut is? Similar thing can happen to Facebook and other popular social networking sites existing now, if they fail to innovate and engage the users on regular time intervals. 

Well let's come to the topic now. I've come across this new social networking site 'Cafe4Tune' which claim themselves as a revolution is Social Media. Now let's have a look at what Cafe4Tune has got?

Basic Features:

Cafe4Tune has got all the basics of a social networking site like Adding Friends, Groups (Here they call it as 'Cafes' to suit their brand name), Chatting (Text, Audio & Video), Games (few popular online games like Coffeeman and Poker), Photos, Videos, Reminders etc. Apart from these, what are they providing? What is their value proposition? Let's have a look at the other features of Cafe4Tune.

Revolutionary 3D Chat:

Have a look at this video, which will tell you what their '3D Chat' is all about

This feature is quite interesting. 3D chat is an all new experience where you can create a virtual avatar of yourself, visit different cities with your friends, watch movies, have conversation and also a coffee with them. In India, I am not very sure about the output of this feature because you know about the service provided by the country's internet service providers. May be in near future, we will be able to enjoy this feature. This is an innovative feature of Cafe4Tune to watch out for.

Online Dating Service:

We had the similar kind of service long back in Yahoo and Rediff. However those services went for a toss as boys ended up chatting with pseudo boy's profiles who had a beautiful picture and name of a girl :-) We also see the similar kind of services in other Social Networking websites in the form of third party applications but Cafe4Tune is providing it themselves straightaway. Good Strategy. End of the day, majority of the people come to social networking websites to find new friends. This is how the interface looks like

Apart from these features, they have also got some other interesting features like Virtual Elections (You can even nominate your favorite for the Presidential Elections..Ha ha) and Karaoke (where you will sing to the lyrics displayed and listen it back).

Cool games:

Now the website is running its beta version. We might soon expect their alpha version and launch. Let's come back to the question. Will it create a revolution? I wouldn't say it now. I would rather say it's a decent alternative for people who are fed up with Facebook's new features. Rest depends upon innovation deployed by the team of Cafe4Tune. Good luck :-)