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I've been a loyal customer and fan of (Market Leader of Online Bus Ticket Booking in India). I've admired the way they understood the market gap and started providing their services. They've simply changed the way of people booking bus tickets in India. Earlier, we used to visit the private bus operator's office and book tickets. During festival seasons, you need to stand in a long queue for booking the tickets and you didn't have the option of comparing ticket prices because you got no time for that. made everything easy. You can check the different bus operators available in your route, compare the prices, reserve the seat you want and carry the ticket in your mobile (SMS). 

The early mover always has the advantage and that's the reason for being the number one in online bus ticket booking segment. They just didn't stop with online ticket booking. They kept on inventing new features for their customers at regular intervals. They started sending SMS of the bus timings to the customer often, till the boarding. In addition to that, they've now started providing the current location of your bus (on boarding date) and the approximate time it will take to reach your boarding point. 

I've always used to book my tickets and i am a happy customer so far. Though similar online ticketing websites mushroomed up, I always used the services of Since my bank has given the option of 10% discount if i book my tickets through, I tried it. What a pathetic user interface they've got? They've tried to imitate but failed miserably. You would understand it in their homepage itself. Before I review their services, let me give a small intro about Travelyaari. is an online bus ticket reservation platform. You might have come across their aggressive advertisements of huge hoardings and digital banners in satellite bus stations of metropolitan cities (No wonder, they've copied not only the services but also the advertising strategies and web user interface of

Review - Travelyaari:

I tried to reserve my ticket from Dindigul to Bangalore on Travelyaari. Look at the options I've got

There were 6 similar locations which were displayed by them (and that too after a lot of struggle P.S. it was very difficult to choose, as the options were not sticking to the alphabet i typed), Experience it yourself at your own risk.

Dindigal, Dindigal(bypass), Dindigul, Dindugal, Dindugal bye pass, Dindugal byepass

Which one do they want me to choose? Since I am familiar with the private bus operators in that route, I managed to figure out an option and started proceeding. A newbie of the route would've just left the website from there.

Their ticket selection and payment mechanism were similar to that of Redbus. Thank God!!! Atleast their user interface in this part was good. It has to be because this is where they get paid. Clever guys. After a long struggle, I managed to book my ticket and I was shocked to see the e-ticket they've delivered to me. 

It has nothing but the PNR number and the name of the Travels. The Boarding Address, Landmark and Contact number were empty. Those are like the major information for a traveller to get on to his journey. 

When I tried to contact the customer care(Chennai) of Travelyaari, they were busy for a long time(I think they are running the customer care with a single landline phone). Thank God, I called them 4 hours before my journey. Imagine if I am in a rush and I'm trying to contact the customer care to know the landmark, my journey would've been screwed. 

I managed to contact the customer care of Bangalore after a while and the response I got from them made me very angry. They just said they don't have any details about the landmark and contact number. After a long discussion with them, they managed to give me a contact number of ABT Travels. When I contacted the number given by them, the call was connected to ABT's chennai office. Damn!!! Even they don't have my boarding station contact number. Look at what Travelyaari has done to my journey. Finally i managed to get ABT Travels(Dindigul) contact number through and reached the location. 

A journey should always be started with a peaceful mindset. If you are in a hurry and everything is not in favor, your whole journey is screwed (Please mind my language. I had to ) should make a lot a changes to its existing business framework and backend operations keeping customer in front. If you continue doing this, you would end up being cursed by so many customers and out of business in no time. 

You have copied a lot from Redbus. Why don't you learn and implement the excellent customer service provided by them?