[Infographic] Are You A B2B Marketer Looking For A Marketing Automation Platform?

Any large marketing organization today deals with a humongous amount of numbers derived from their traditional/digital marketing channels and an increasing number of multiple mobile devices being used by their customers. Faced with an increasing ROI challenge, many B2B marketers opt for marketing automation tools to deal with their complex day-to-day work challenges. However few organizations which are trying to adopt these platforms, miss out on what to look forward to, in a marketing automation platform.

Here's an infographic which breaks down the complex information into easy sections making it easier for the B2B marketers to quickly grasp what to look forward to, in a marketing automation solution based on their needs. 

I would also love to know your thoughts, if this infographic has missed out on any important piece of information. 

Image Courtesy: G2M Solutions
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