Lessons To Learn From A Travelogue

First of all, thank you Jungle Formula for giving me and opportunity to write my experience with your product in a way I want it. I really like the way you guys are moving with your campaign  #FightAgainstMosquitoes :-)

For a traveler, life can offer many such instances to come face to face with the reality of life. One such incident occurred to me and my extended family, when I was travelling with them to the beautiful town of Guwahati. 

It was in June 2014, when my extended family, which included my Uncle, Aunt and their two lovely children – Rinku and Sunny, had gone for a week’s stay in Guwahati to our old grandparent’s home. We were treated with lovely sweets and a fancy Rajasthani feast on our arrival.  

The weather was mesmerizing. As a traveler, who is a sucker for natural views, it created the feeling to go out and discover the beauty of the place. Therefore, I requested my Uncle and Aunt, to take the kids along to Guwahati’s famous tea garden.

Little did I know that I was inviting trouble by venturing into the place. Rinku and Sunny are notorious kids, one is 11 years old and the other one 8. Both are planning some mischief or the other. For them, this opportunity offered the place to run and hide in the tea gardens. For my Uncle and Aunt, it brought back the old memories of their frequent visit to Guwahati, which remains the place where they expressed their love for each other. It was during their college trip to Shillong that they had fallen in love with each other.

My aunt, who is otherwise an introvert woman, shared the story of how she would sing,dance and run into the luscious green gardens of Assam, like those Bollywood actresses. There was a magic in her eyes when she narrated the incident as we were approaching towards our destination to the tea gardens.

We saw, women working peacefully in the garden, carrying a basket around their back. The tea garden was located in the Lakhimpur district with the name – Madhupur tea estate.

We went and explored the place. I was silently observing the garden, my uncle was busy talking to the locals and my aunt was taking pictures from her new digital camera. This was an opportunity for the kids to run and play in the gardens. Things were going well…Until..On our way back, the children started to feel unwell. They complained of mild fever. The local driver, who was an Assamese, complained that the tea garden, is prone to have dangerous mosquitos whose attack has caused people to serve from deadly diseases like dengue, malaria,chikungnya.

We were petrified. Dengue was on high rise at that time. The deadly disease has killed several people from the country. As we reached our grandparent’s place, the kids started to feel drastically ill. The doctor was called, he prescribed certain medicines. 

Our local driver, gave us the Jungle Formula to use and apply it gently on the body. The insect’s bite could lead to viral infections. We didn’t want to take any risk. Therefore, we utilized it without thinking of any consequences. Fortunately, the medicine as well as the insect repellent factor worked in our favour.  We used it and saw it effect. None of us were affected by the disease. This incident taught me to take extreme care of my health. We had risked the life of two little children, under the spell of deadly insects. Thank god for this DEET based mosquito repellent, the disease did not go viral and we saved ourselves from the attack of dangerous mosquitoes.

Later on, I learnt that, the Jungle Formula is commonly used by thousands of people in India. I, too, as a traveler bought one Jungle Formula Maximum lotion for myself. The 50ml lotion, had a pleasant smell and it is still lying there in my backpack to protect myself from the transmission of any deadly disease.

Funnily, this incident taught Rinku and Sunny to discuss it among their peers. They call this repellant as the magic lotion . After this incident, the kids have learnt to take proper care of their own health. They use the jungle formula lotion in the evening and apply on their body, whenever they go out to play in the garden.

For me, this travelling incident has been a learning lesson. It has taught me to carry the first aid box and repellents to protect myself from harmful elements. 

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