Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker Review - Most Powerful Of The Smallest Speakers

It's very rare, you come across a device that totally takes you by surprise. Logitech X100 is one such device which totally amazed me with it's performance considering the size of it and the bucks it's priced at. 

Though Logitech has got bigger portable speakers, with the launch of Logitech X100 the brand has proved once again that it's totally capable of manufacturing dramatically smaller & cheaper devices compared to their competitors but no where compromising on its quality. 

A Quick Look

The Logitech X100 box comes with a USB cable, through which the device can be charged. The overall build quality of Logitech X100 is solid with rubbery finish, despite the size and its light weight. The device is available in multiple eye-catchy colors (Grey, Green, Orange, Purple etc). My review unit was a green colored X100. 

The device is about 1.4 inches thick, a diameter of 3.4 inches and literally capable of fitting inside your palm. It also comes with a 7 inch long nylon cord attached to a raised opening above the speaker, which will help a user hang the device on a nail. In order to protect it from falling accidentally, a plastic nub is attached to the end strung of the nylon cord. 

The side of the device sports a flushy power button, volume control buttons, blue tooth connectivity button, a 3.5mm jack (For connecting author audio devices) and a charging port, all of which are built into the ring brilliantly. 


Pairing the X100 with my smartphone was one of the easiest experiences I've had with bluetooth powered devices. One can just hold the bluetooth button in X100 for about 3 seconds and the smartphone would be able to detect and connect with this device. However there can be only one output at a time (When X100 is paired with a smartphone, the other smartphones won't able to connect with it)

I tested the device indoors and on the move inside my car. The device powers clear sound which is impressively rich for its pocket friendly size. 

The best part of Logitech X100 is that its capable of sending/receiving hands free phone calls from your smartphone. I tested a phone call with a 30 foot range and it worked seamlessly with superior audio quality. A signal strength indicator would've been a better addition to this already powerful device. 

The product stands by it's promise of delivering 5 Hours battery life. I was able to charge the device completely by one hour and 15 minutes. At a moderate volume, the device was able to withstand it's battery life for almost 6 hours, which is incredibly awesome for a device in this price range. 

My verdict: Logitech X100 is by far the most smallest speaker I've reviewed and the most powerful device in its price range. It's worth every penny spent. My overall rating for the device is 4.5/5. 



Sivakumar Chandran said...

Sounds like a brilliant device and this goes straight to my shopping cart. Thx for the review.

Reshmi Dutt said...

What are the other products available in this price range? Which one would you suggest?