Review: Logitech PowerShell Controller With Battery - Your iPhone Can Now Be A Gaming Console

Logitech Powershell is one of the most earliest adopters of Apple's new controller mappings which supports gaming controllers with iOS7. The device was launched earlier this year in Indian markets at the price of Rs.8995 to offer console style game controls on iPod Touch which runs iOS7, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s (Unfortunately doesn't support iPhone 5C)

So can an iPhone gaming enthusiast go ahead and invest in this device? Let's take a deep dive and see if it's worth it.

A Quick Look

The overall build quality of the Logitech Powershell is superior and it's no where lesser than a Steelseries Stratus or a Moga Ace. I would give a 4/5 for this. The 7.8 inch device weighs around 120 gram (Not very heavy to handle) and made of plastic comes with an in-built battery pack and has got provisions to improve sound experience. The device does look bulky when you insert in an iPhone 5 or an iPod. I wouldn't advise anyone to carry the device in pockets unless they've a really deep one :)

The back of Logitech Powershell sport a rubbery finish to improve the grip experience and a 'G' logo which lights up while you charge the device. The back also feature a pair of ridges, where a gamer can rest his/her fingers.  I would term it as a fantastic addition, as many of the iPhone users felt it difficult while gaming because of the slippery surface. 

The face of the device features 4 face buttons, a pause button, a D-pad and an open slot to place your iPhone/iPod. 

The device also sport shoulder buttons on the edges which are quite friendly to use. There are also slots, through which you can connect speakers for a better gaming experience. With the sleep button close the D-pad, one can also control the volume of their iPhone/iPod devices while gaming. 

The open slot features a lightning connector above which one can easily slide in their device to attach. One need not worry about jamming their device inside, as the slot comes with a hole at the bottom making it easier for the user to remove the device after use. 

The Logitech Powershell Controller comes with a 1500mAh battery that can charge an iPhone 5/5S in about an hour and a half. The small switch on the left side of the device helps the user turn on the device charging function. The best part a gamer would love here is, that he/she can charge the device while playing as well. 


The games that support the device includes heavy graphic games like Anomaly 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2,Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Ms Pac-Man, Knights of the Old Republic, Cro Mag Rally,  Asphalt 8, Galaxy On Fire 2, Limbo, Minigore 2, Tomb Raider & many more. 

I played the Asphalt 8, San Andreas and Minigore 2 with the device and found it a lot better than playing it on my iPhone. The overall experience was absolutely fantastic and I completely felt like playing it on a hand held console. 

The user might find it little difficult to play first play shooter (FPS) games on Logitech Powershell as the device doesn't sport an analog stick. However if you're one of those iPhone gamers who stay away from FPS games, this device is a steal. 

My verdict: Go for it. It's worth it. 


James G said...

Thanks for the review. I was little hesitant to choose between Logitech Powershell and a Moga Ace. Going with the powershell for it's rigid looks and performance :-)

Lovely Bean said...

Useful info. I never knew that an iphone can be converted into a gaming device.

Amani said...

How would you rate this device against a hand held play station?