Black Is Not A Color! It's An Attitude

What is it about my infatuation with black? Not just me, why do most of my friends love black? A research report by eBay confirms, product searches relevant to the color black is almost thrice than that of any other colors like blue or red or brown or grey. This point also confirms not just my friends but most of the people in the world, prefer black over other colors? Since I wear black almost all the time, I let my friends answer this question. Why do you love black? 

Few said black commands power and also is a color of sophistication. Few girls said the color is associated with seduction and sexiness. Well that's new :-) Few of them said black absorbs the negative energy around them and they always felt confident wearing a black outfit or carrying a black accessory i.e. A smartphone, a belt, a watch or a wallet. One of the very interesting reply is from a friend who is a sales professional. He said a black outfit can help you close more sales but not friends, as the color radiates authority & creates fear in a process. Well, I also got some replies from few folks who don't love black. They said too much of black can create a negative environment & an argumentative atmosphere can be created only when black is combined with white. I couldn't disagree with them too

Alright. Now let's take a look at what the experts has got to say about black

No doubt even the experts in fields like automobile, fashion & technology prefer black over other colors. Now let's get back to my wishlist of 5 black things, I desire & would love to own.

Black Aston Martin DB9:

This masterpiece by Aston Martin is my love at first sight. Doesn't it demand a commanding presence? This monster is a symbol of elegance, style, luxury, beauty, potency & intensity combined together. Most important of all, the exquisite carbon black achieves maximum impact with a minimal adornment with striking confidence fusing discretion & simplicity, which is almost impossible to resist. 

Source: Aston Martin

Black iPad 4:

Next thing in my black wishlist is the iPad4 by Apple. This sheer digital piece of art totally stands out from the counter part devices in the market. For Apple, the power has always been in the design and the packaging. Unwrapping an apple device is an experience that none of the technology companies out there can match. The intensity of colors used by Apple has never bored me. I own a black iPhone 4 and every time I look at the device, I say 'Why weren't you born a girl? I would've married you'. 

Source: GeekandHype

Black Yamaha YZF R1:

The YZF R1 by Yamaha is  both an artistic & technological endeavor. The solid black gives me an intangible and a deep emotional appeal with this beast. The tone is direct & elegantly threatening. The black color is agile, controlled & balanced. Overall it would be a phenomenal experience to have this beauty by side. 

Source: WallpapHD

Black Hugo Boss 3 Piece Suit:

If you ask me in my sleep, like who would you prefer to dress? My answer without any second thoughts would be Harvey Specter. Harvey specter is a character portrayed by Gabriel Macht, in the TV series 'Suits'. Harvey Specter prefer to show off his trademark Windsor knot by always wearing shirts with a cutaway collar. From my research, Harvey wears a mix of Hugo Boss, Brioni, Canali and Tom Ford. And his black suit is most likely a Hugo Boss product is what the fans say. When worn properly, this black beauty gives a sartorially elegant look that conveys confidence in the wearer. This piece of art is sure to evoke power and strength. End of the day, it also depends on how one carry themselves. If not thoroughly Harvey, I hope I can carry myself a bit close to him in some time, when this brilliant piece of garment is with me. 

Source: Oneyard

Black Friesian Horse:

Another expensive addition to my list :) The black friesian horse breed originating in Netherland. It is believed that during middle ages, these horses were in great demand as war horses, because they were capable of carrying a knight's armor. Now why shouldn't this knight (Me :P ) have this black beast? Friesians are my instant favorites among the other horse breeds. Thanks to their shiny & elegant black skin. The Friesians are believed to be beautiful, versatile, kind and athletic. 

Source: Wallpaperup

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