Skore T20 League - Were You Able To Score A Century?

Following up on my previous blog post here, where I've covered how Skore India went a step ahead of all the other brands trying to make use of the graze of of T20 Cricket in India. I would like to cover few tasks in the campaign I really enjoyed playing. Few experts say a game can be won or lost in a ball, but Skore says otherwise. 

Build with an objective of increasing their exclusive T20 pack sales, Skore had build an exclusive micro property. Here's what you get, as soon as you open the brand new micro-site designed by Skore exclusively for this campaign. You can login using your Facebook account or create a new account here. 

Out of 20 exciting tasks, the one which impressed me the most was the task 'Read between the lines'. The objective here is to guess what a woman is thinking just by looking at her expression. Every question in this activity is followed by four different answers (Emotions) and an picture of a woman next to it. A user has to get all of the answers right to rack up a high score. He/she might also lose points for a wrong guess. 

I would say Skore has nailed the campaign by including this activity. The foremost important task of a man in real life is to understand what her woman is thinking and act accordingly for a healthy life (If you know what I mean :) ), without she saying exactly what it is. 

I was able to get most of the answers right, but unfortunately not everything. Guess I need more training in that. 

My wrong answer :(

My right answer :)

For a first-timer, my results weren't that bad..huh? 

You can also increase your points rapidly, by entering the unique code (Present in Skore T20 packs) at the end of each task and also 

I also enjoyed playing other activities such as Skore a line (Where you've to guess the right word to make your woman feel awesome), Role play roulette (Where you've to choose a perfect costume), Flashy Footwork, Scroll2Skore and so on. 

You can also try your luck with the game and stand a chance to win Skore Merchandize, iPads and much more. Please follow the instructions below. 

Skore Pleasure League:

a.       About the Pack:

1.       A Special Edition Pack to be launched during IPL – Pack to be named as T20 Pack and will contain 20 coloured condoms.
2.       It will  be a consumer offer pack – Sex Positions booklet will be given free along with this pack
3.       MRP of this pack would be Rs. 120/-
4.       Consumers buying this pack will be eligible to win some cool prizes – Daily, Weekly Prizes and Grand Prizes to be won

b.      About the Contest:
1.       Name of the contest is Skore Pleasure League
2.       Minimum Age for participating in the contest is 18.
3.       Anybody above 18 will be able to participate in the contest. They just need to log on to kick start
4.       During Registration, they would also have to select a particular team out of the 10 teams available. ( 9 teams from previous season’s SPL) – Please note that these teams have no bearing on the contest and all prizes will be decided only on Individual performance. The teams are only for creating excitement during the contest.
5.       Once registered, they will get to perform 20 exciting & thrilling tasks
6.       Based on their performance and other measurement standards they will be awarded runs for each task -criteria for awarding runs and how many runs to be awarded will be decided
7.       Score that the user gets will get added up to his/her account
8.       There will be Daily & weekly prizes for the participants who are top scores in the leader boards on the respective day and week. ( Ideally Top 3 daily & top 5 Weekly)  
9.       At the end of the contest, the top 3 participants will be win the Grand prize. However, to be eligible to win a Grand Prize, the participant needs to buy a Special Edition T20 pack.
10.   Everytime a Special Edition T20 pack is got, the participant needs to open the pack and find an unique code inside the top flap of the pack.
11.   Each code will give you extra runs and increase the chance of winning the Grand Prize – Extra Runs will be high and this will act as a motivator for them to buy more packs
12.   Entering the unique code will give him/her 50 runs
13.   Share SPL on Facebook timeline – 4 runs
14.   Inviting Facebook friends to SPL 6 runs

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